Friday, October 29, 2010

This 'n That

It's been a whirlwind lately but, hopefully, things will settle down some now.  Hubby had the stent repair yesterday (plus two more stents we didn't anticipate) and says he is feeling the best he's felt in a year.  Let's hope and pray that feeling continues for a very long time.  Now, to just get his body recuperated from all its pummeling!!!   The boy wants to play golf again so bad he can taste it, or even do yard work!!!   You know its something extraordinary when he wants to do yard work!!  
Not that we'd need it or anything!  Our poor yard has been neglected for years, at least since 2006-2007 when I was caring for my mother and spent so much time away from home.  And since then, just haven't been motivated to do much, compounded by Hubby's medical problems for the past two years.  

I love old fashioned flowers like hydrangeas, crepe myrtles, altheas or rose of sharon, daisys, roses, that kind of stuff.  Now, I don't grow all of them, of course.  Some are just more work than this lazy gardener is willing to endure, but I still like them.  We hope to get back to our traveling and when you are away most of the summer, you can't have finicky plants.  They've got to stand on their own with the help of a sprinkler system.  

I also got a new computer this week.  The old one has been acting up for a long time, beginning with a full crash about a year ago.  Thankfully, my computer tech was able to restore it for me with no loss of data and has performed fairly well until recently when it started being difficult.   The processor is getting ready to go psffft, so it was time for a replacement.  If you don't have the stuff on your computer backed up somewhere, please, please do it right away.  I depend on my computer way too much to lose something by carelessness.  It's easy to back up to an external hard drive or storage device and provides peace of mind you can't believe.  For instance, I've been able to load all my files and photos onto this computer and I can use them just like on the old one.  What a treat!    This one has Windows 7 and I'm finding it surprisingly easy to use.  Very similar to XP that was on the old one.

Still no picture taking, so you're just gonna have to make do with some older ones.   This is one of my favorite photos of all times, perhaps my very favorite.  I was home in Florida visiting my parents about this time of year (about 1986) and it had been rainy for several days.  Finally the rain stopped and Daddy and I had to get out of the house and I grabbed my camera as I went out the door. As we walked along, I lagged behind him for no apparent reason except wandering and looked up to see him in front of me.  I focused my (film 35mm) camera while walking and paused only long enough to click the shutter.  He never knew I took the picture.  Since it was film, I had no idea what I had captured until I got the photos back from processing.  I picked them up on a lunch hour and this is what I got. 
This is about a tenth generation because of all the scanning, cropping and converting to jpeg that was necessary to get it usable here, so the quality of this one is less than wonderful.  This doesn't actually show the entire original picture due to some damage to the original that was scanned.  Some of the composition is lost, too.  My boss at the time just went crazy over it and insisted that his artist wife frame an enlargement of it for me.  So I have an 11x14 matted and framed very nicely and it hangs in my hallway where I look at it every day. 

I mentioned a while back the quilt for my brother.  Here he is on his buckskin back in about 1965 or 1966. 

 Some time after this picture, he was riding and while crossing the road was hit by a car which topped a hill.  He severely sprained both wrists when he landed after being thrown from the horse, but nothing broken.  However, poor Sunny wasn't as fortunate and, having suffered two broken front legs, had to be immediately put down.  That was his first horse.  He has gone on to own many horses, and at one time he had eleven, but is now down to three I think.  Here is a couple of them. 
Of course, his new wife also has three, so the horse population doubled in one fell swoop.

I could go on and on, regaling all with tales of my family, but I've got to save some for another day. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. You have been busy. Glad hubby is doing better. Have to tell you, I really like the picture of your dad. Those "unaware" pictures are my favorites. Good job.

  2. That is a wonderful photo of your Dad.

    So sorry to read about Sunny, he looks like a lovely animal - good head.

    Hope your hubby continues to do well.

  3. I too adore that photo! What a fantastic shot you managed to get!