Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Utter Chaos

You oughta see my garage!!  Looks like a junk shop, albeit what I'd call a high class junk shop.  Finally getting around to that garage sale I first mentioned back in October.  I'm committed now, so no backing out.  Most everything is priced, unless I find more stuff to add.  

The bad thing is that you have to gather everything up, put it on tables and price it.  Then, on the morning of the sale (in the wee hours, I might add), you have to put empty tables out on the driveway and then move every-little-piece out to those tables, and then move those tables out to the driveway and move more little pieces to them!   Whew.  Makes me tired to just think about it.  Got friends coming the afternoon before and staying over so they'll be here to help with the stepping and fetching the day of the sale.  Thank goodness. 

We've decided we're going to keep the stained glass window.

This is the very first garage sale I've ever had so it ought to be a real learning experience.  Wish me good luck. 

Y'all take care. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

C.O.W. Jumped Over the Fence

Can I just jump right back in here after my absence and be a C.O.W. for a minute?  (That's Cranky Old Woman, in case you're wondering.) There was just a story on the local news about whether cursive writing should be taught any more in schools.   Well, color me old fashioned and backwards, but nothing ticks me off worse than to see someone in high school, college or beyond struggle to write something a fourth grader should have mastered!!!  Are you impressed by a sharply dressed and coiffed executive who can't write their name legibly or put together an intelligent sentence?   Me neither.   Being computer literate and proficient is not enough.  This is not an either/or situation, people.  Success requires both "real" writing (as we used to call it in second grade) and computer savvy.  Don't even get me started on people who don't read beyond grade school level and think they're all educated.  Okay, the C.O.W. will jump back over the fence and go on about her business now. 

Hoping to have several of these blooms this year.
I'll be back shortly with much better vibes, I promise. 

Y'all take care.