Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Tastes

I’ve switched to using Windows Live Writer to draft my posts to see if I like it better than posting direct to Blogger.  I get frustrated with the fonts because I will choose “large” and when the post shows up, there it is in “normal”.  Having reached that certain age, I want to read things easily!!   It looks nice sized right now while in draft form, but we'll see when it posts.  Please forgive the oddities while I’m tinkering around.

Hrmmppp--  Writer didn't work worth a hoot.  Back to the drawing board unless I learn better.

I think the dog days of summer arrived early this year.  It is a few days into summer and feels like it should be the end of July or August.    We are very dry here.  We have gotten only bits of rain for a very long time.  Early last week  we got a half inch and are grateful.    I think my brother got some rain today from the looks of the radar.  His corn fields, hay fields and pastures were/are almost beyond hope.  He’s already sold part of his cows because of the lack of grazing and is buying hay to feed the remainder, plus their horses.  I sure hope that he gotten some rain – enough to do some good anyway.

I actually went to the grocery store a few days ago.  Hubby does that most of the time.  I got the idea while there to attempt to imitate a feta-pesto spread we had a couple of weeks ago.   
DSC_0007 (Small)
I think it turned out fabulously!    Such a lively, bright color and taste.
DSC_0009 (Small)
I was on a fruit kick that day, obviously, as I came home with these two jewels also, along with some nectarines, bananas, plums and strawberries!!   Gracious, you’d think we ate healthy or something! 
DSC_0006 (Small)
My friend, the Birdlady, made a Tomato Pie and brought it to us yesterday morning.  Talk about fabulous and tasty!   She had fresh tomatoes from the farm stand and used Paula Deen’s recipe.  Y’all ought to try that one.

Well, let’s see how this new-fangled method works for posting.

Y’all take care. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Babies

It's one of those days when my mind is wandering and jumping from one subject to the other.  Hubby isn't feeling well right now and it makes me so sad to see him this way.    And, it is so hard for us to deal with the limitations that a chronic illness imposes.   We have tentative plans to go away for a few weeks later in the summer, but it will all depend on how he is feeling.    Some time ago, I had a moment of insight and realized that all our years of the ability and means to travel as we chose were leading up to this time when our travels are limited.  I am grateful for all those privileges, of course, but being human I can't help but want them to continue.

My stepson and his family were down for a visit.  They stayed over at the beach rather than with us, and it was definitely for the best.  
Having two rambunctious toddlers around 24/7 would have
been more than hubby or I could have handled.   
And, then there would have been the two adults and two teenagers, as well.
During the summer, the bird population in the back yard is reduced to the residents.  However, they do a wonderful job in keeping us entertained.  There are several juvenile cardinals and bluejays that still want to be fed by their parents but are quite capable of feeding themselves most of the time.  Their baby-like antics in the presence of the adults are quite comical.  We also have a juvenile red-bellied woodpecker that has been learning the ropes for backyard living.  He was so funny to watch trying to figure out how to drink from the birdbath.  Took him a couple of days, but now he's an old pro.  I think the parents must be starting a new clutch because I've seen the adult male harassing the little one.  I guess he's trying to sever the ties and force the little one to be on his own.  We see him most every day, though, so I guess the adults are content that they've done their duty and are now free to start on another clutch.  

Just now, there were five bluejays under the feeder.  I grabbed the camera but before I could get to the window, most of them flew up and away.  There are also skirmishes between the cardinals and bluejays for feeding rights.  

Today, the squirrels have been rather reserved.  On some days, though, they are truly like a circus what with chasing, tumbling and turning up, down and round the trees and back yard.  We can count up to seven of them at a time back there.  

Y'all take care. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Treats of Two Kinds

One of my gal pals from the quilting retreat was at the beach last week and we got together for a day.  We went to the quilt show in Mobile, Alabama.  As usual, I was amazed by some of the quilts on display there.  

I have never made a log cabin block quilt but I know they can be arranged in many ways to create very unique quilts.  At this show, however, was probably the most unique design I've ever seen for a log cabin block. 
At first glance, you would NEVER guess this was a log cabin.  But a closer look proves otherwise. 
It is very hard to see here, but when you look at it closely there are the strips.  
Coordination of colors and placement are everything in making this quilt.  In this block, the yellow strips are double the width of the red dotted strips.    Totally amazing is the only way to describe it. 

Here is another quilt made with a log cabin variation.  A stunning design, made even more special by the use of these fabrics.

Our weather here on the coast has been unseasonably hot for a while now, and we are terribly dry.   We need rain desperately but none of the few pop-up thunderstorms move over our house to leave any rain. 

It's blueberry picking time again and since hubby has eaten all the ones from last year, we had to pick more for the freezer.  This time, I made him come with me. 
Together we picked about 28 pounds.  Took me forever to get them washed, dried and then flash frozen in small batches to put in the freezer.  I really should get another 6 or 8 pounds but I don't know if I'll make it back up there or not.   It is just under an hour's drive to the blueberry farm.  

Y'all take care.