Saturday, April 8, 2017


Spring has been trying to get here to stay but we had freeze warnings last night with temps down to near freezing.  Sheesh.  Today its near 70 degrees.  We've had the most unusual weather.  Now that Easter is only a week away, let's hope we can count on spring to be going full bore. 

I actually have a clematis blooming!  I love those things but have never had good luck with them.  I put out three  last year and they hung in there right through the winter.

I've been busy, busy here of late working on quilts for family members.  Got to have 12 of them ready for a gathering on May 20.  All but two are done through the quilting stage with only 5 left for the hand binding work.  Two more tops will go to the quilter on Monday.  Nothing like a little pressure to  get me in gear. 

Hope everybody is doing well.  Y'all take care