Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Winter Storm

We truly did have a winter storm.  It was nasty no matter how you looked at it.  We got freezing rain first, then sleet and then a tiny bit of snow. 
The birds and squirrels were feeding at a feverish rate, trying to take in enough calories to help keep them warm. 
The first thing I noticed when the temperatures started dropping was the formation of icicles on the bird feeders. 
They finished off the feeders in one day.  When I went outside the next morning to refill them, I crunched on the ice the whole while.   Our temps stayed below freezing from Tuesday until early on Thursday.   The ice in my yard didn't all melt until Friday.  I recall times like that while growing up here in northwest Florida, but this is the only time it has been like this in the past fifteen years.

Now, its just cloudy and dreary but quite warm - in the low 60's.  You can bet if it stays this way, our plants will start springing forth in the next couple of weeks.  It's a few weeks early, but if we don't get any more freezing spells, it'll be okay. 

No other exciting news to share at the moment.  Hope my northern friends stay warm and safe with all these storms coming through. 

Y'all take care.