Friday, January 20, 2017

A Different America

I've been a wreck all day.  It's been the most emotionally draining day I've experienced in very long time.  It hit me a whole lot worse than I had anticipated.

I only hope that more reasonable heads prevail over the next years and that our country does not suffer irreparable harm.

Y'all take care

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day

Happy New Year!! 

What a way to start out the year.  This storm has dumped 5 inches of snow on us.  It sure is pretty outside with that blue sky.  

We don't usually get much snow so this may be our allotment for the year.  Let's hope so. 

The birds are congregating at the feeders since all the natural forage is pretty much covered up.  I get sidetracked watching them at the feeder just outside the window from my desk.  They are so skittish that I can't get a picture worth anything.  If I get close to the window, they scatter.  

This weather is a good time to hang out in the studio and work on quilts (or read, or putz on the computer, or nap, ...).  I recently finished up this little quilt top called Chubby Chicks.  

Tiny black button eyes will be added after it is quilted, whenever that happens to be!

Will be headed to a retreat soon, so it's time to get projects put together to take along.  I usually wind up grabbing something last minute and it sometimes backfires as I may not want to work on that once I arrive.  

I cannot believe that it is January 7, 2017  already.  Where in the world does the time go?  I passed a milestone birthday last month and although I can say the words, it simply refuses to resonate.  

Hope you're all well.  Stay safe and warm in this crazy weather across the country. 

Y'all take care