Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Giveaway

I've never been inclined to do a giveaway, but I think the time might be right. 

Anybody want some squirrels?
Pot # 1

Pot # 2 

Pot # 3

And Pot # 4 now looks like 1 & 2. 

Not only did they break these off, THEY ATE THE PLANTS!!  I have never seen squirrels so much as bother my geraniums over the past 14 years and suddenly they decide they're gourmet fare.   I'd had some of these plants for close to ten years.  

I can only count 10 of them at one time some days. 

Y'all take care. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Follow Up on Pandora

NO, that's NOT me!!
I've been asked about Pandora Radio.  It is an Internet radio program, not over the air as usual radio.   You can do a search on "what is Pandora radio" and can get an explanation of what it is.   Go to and follow the instructions to set up your own radio lineup.  You start by entering a list of your favorite artists and then the program picks songs from those folks, plus others that are similar.  If one comes on that you don't like, you can click the "thumbs down" button and it immediately stops and is removed.

I have only the one station with all kinds of artists, but you can have more than one station if you like.  

It will play for quite a while and if you have not clicked on something to indicate you're still listening, it will stop playing and the screen will ask "Are you still there?"   If you click yes, it'll resume playing.  Otherwise, it stops.  Since it is a free program, they don't want to be "playing to empty rooms". 

Take a look.  I think you'll like it.   And, NO, I don't have any affiliation with them, just really like it.  

Y'all take care

Monday, March 11, 2013

Visting Stephen Foster

Don't you just love Pandora Radio?   It's wonderful.  I'm here in my cave alternately working on a quilt and putzing on the computer, all the while listening to the likes of Journey and Adele and George Strait.  If you don't know about Pandora Radio, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  No, I don't have any connection to them. 

Hubby and I spent last week at Stephen Foster State Park.  It was our first trip there and it is a lovely park.  Unfortunately, the weather was quite nippy and the furnace in the RV got a good workout.
Bell tower 
One of the primary reasons for our visit was to meet up with friends we met in Vermont last summer who are dulcimer players.  On the first Saturday of each month, a Coffee House is held at the park where anyone can perform.  The host last week was Michael Vickey who is a master on both the hammered dulcimer and the mountain dulcimer. 
Michael Vickey on the hammered dulcimer
Michael Vickey on mountain dulcimer 
There were a few other performers as well.  We're told that there can sometimes be 10 to 15 performers.  It's just the luck of the night as to how many there are.  In addition to the performances, there's coffee and refreshments to be had.  The hot coffee was a very welcome treat last week. 

This young man played original compositions on the guitar and piano with only his left hand.

I don't know how I missed pictures of the beautiful trees with the spanish moss hanging from them, but I did. 

In the tiny town of White Springs, there is an old hardware/ mercantile store and I would absolutely love to see the inside of it.  I left noseprints on the windows as it was. 

During the wild azalea festival which is coming up soon, they will be holding activities in the building.  I'm bummed that we won't be there for that weekend. 

Off to my other chores for now.  Y'all take care.