Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Follow Up on Pandora

NO, that's NOT me!!
I've been asked about Pandora Radio.  It is an Internet radio program, not over the air as usual radio.   You can do a search on "what is Pandora radio" and can get an explanation of what it is.   Go to and follow the instructions to set up your own radio lineup.  You start by entering a list of your favorite artists and then the program picks songs from those folks, plus others that are similar.  If one comes on that you don't like, you can click the "thumbs down" button and it immediately stops and is removed.

I have only the one station with all kinds of artists, but you can have more than one station if you like.  

It will play for quite a while and if you have not clicked on something to indicate you're still listening, it will stop playing and the screen will ask "Are you still there?"   If you click yes, it'll resume playing.  Otherwise, it stops.  Since it is a free program, they don't want to be "playing to empty rooms". 

Take a look.  I think you'll like it.   And, NO, I don't have any affiliation with them, just really like it.  

Y'all take care


  1. I'll be sure to check into it! (Pandora)

    Your Robins look so contented - a bit like they are enjoying a 'spa day' together in your bath. roflmao...

    STILL snowing here. Still. But the sun is stronger and sooner or later, winter will get the hint (and leave) :-)


  2. We have used this at our house and really like it too!

  3. My kids like Pandora and use it all the time. I don't typically have music on in the house unless we are having a party--maybe that would be a good time to put Pandora on???! I'll have to check it out.

  4. I've never heard of Pandora before except when you mentioned it. Like your Robins!

  5. We like it too. My daughters play 80's stations, which make hubby and I laugh b/c that's our music.

  6. I listen to Pandora on my iPad almost every day! I have several channels but enjoy my Patty Griffen channel the best.