Friday, August 9, 2013

Coldwater Adventures

Hello, dear friends!  Its been too long. 

We spent the month of July near Ellijay, Georgia in a little cabin on the banks of Mountaintown Creek.    The first ten days we were there, I thought I might have to grow webbed feet because it rained so much.  

Raindrops a fallin' over my head......
We loved the cabin, even with its shortcomings.  I spent more hours than I can count out on the front porch just rocking and watching and listening to the creek. 
Just up the way 
And, just past the end of the driveway 
Now, you have to understand that I'm a flat lander.  Where I live, the elevation is a whole 11 feet or so.  Yes, that's the correct elevation.   Did I say it was flat?      Anyway, we eased into the hills and then the mountains as we drove up.  As we entered Coosawattee River Resort where the cabin is located, the roads became an adventure unto themselves.  The paved portions were in very good shape but just wide enough for two vehicles to meet, and just hope one isn't a service truck!   They are as crooked as any pile of spaghetti you ever tossed, and also going up and down.  Also, there's the paved but divided one lane portions.  They took some getting used to.  

And, then there are the gravel roads.  Lots and lots of gravel roads.  With hills.  Some with very steep hills.   Which must be climbed by our little red car in order to get to our cabin which is on a private drive off one of those gravel roads.  I swear, I thought we were driving into a rabbit hole when we headed down into that driveway!!  It was really just a twisty trail wide enough for one vehicle, all covered over by trees and bordered by more trees and a little stream.   Then the trail turned, widened a bit and ran along the bank of that glorious creek to the cabin.    

Looking to the skies 
We had real fun learning how to shoot up the drive and stop precisely on top before heading down the slope on the other side.  Then, there was the entertainment of backing down that drive to the turn around area.  Nope, couldn't just drive on down and do a three point turn to come back out.  Trail not wide enough and slope too steep.  Couldn't head on down to turn around somewhere else, cause there wasn't anywhere else to turn around unless we plain drove up to the neighbor's door and turned around in his driveway!   Oh, I forgot to say that his driveway is also the end of the road.  
The wide part of the trail
 Hence the backing down our driveway with trees and a bank on one side and the drop off on the other.    I know.  In the picture it looks like it would be easy, and for some folks it might be.  However....Hubby and I aren't those people, although I might have a slight advantage.  It did get easier, though, as time went by.  

And remember that flat lander thing?  We live in a one floor house where we have maybe a 6 inch step up into the house.  Once we got to the top of the driveway, it was 30 stair steps over four sections up to the deck.  You shoulda seen us unloading the car.  Not a pretty sight at all.   Once we got up there, we were perched among the tree tops looking directly down onto the creek.  Worth every step of it.  (Most days, anyway.

If you'd like to take a look at the cabin, here's the link.   I'll be back soon. 

Y'all take care.