Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent Happenings

The very first bird I saw this morning was a Red-Breasted Nuthatch.  There's been an  irruption of them this winter and they are being seen all over the south, even down to southern Florida.    With all the Razorbill sightings, it has made for interesting birding. 

At long last, the mainstream newspapers are paying attention to the effects of climate change on wildlife.  In today's paper there was an article discussing how animals and birds are having to adapt at record pace to keep up with their changing environment.   Birders and other conservation folks have been aware of this for several years. 

Our birds (and squirrels) have been such gluttons lately that I let the feeders get empty and left them for a few days.  It forces the critters to clean up some of the feed that has been slung out onto the ground.  It took less than a half hour for them to find the feeders had been refilled. 

We've had other recent visitors to the yard, too. 

I bought what was supposed to be a squirrel proof feeder but mine was obviously defective.   My friend bought the same brand and hers has a round of mesh on the top that mine doesn't have.  Hers won't let the squirrels in.  
I have since covered the top where he was able to enter with wire mesh and they've been kept out since.  

A couple of weeks after his first visit, the bear returned and although I did not see him that time, there was evidence of his visit next morning. 

That poor birdbath looks awful there.  The crud grows in it so fast in all the warm weather we've had in what is supposed to be winter.  It has been cleaned up and looks much better now and reset.

Y'all take care. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hardly a Hair Left

Oh, frustration and bother!!!     I've spent the morning  amongst HDMI to HDMI micro, SATV/USB combo, to USB to USB, and my mind is just spinning and I'm ready to pull my hair out!! 

I got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and am enjoying it immensely.  I've used it to start to catch up on the Downton Abbey series.  I used Netflix for Season 1, but they don't have Season 2 yet.  So, thanks to Susan at Blackberry Creek Home Arts , I went to YouTube for Season 2.  I can watch it here on my computer but I figured since I have an HD TV that I'd prefer to watch it on the big screen.  Hence the need for a new cord.    I've got the Kindle hooked to the TV just fine, but since I haven't downloaded the Dolphin browser yet, can't use it to access YouTube.  

Now, I went to the documentation that came with this computer where I can access YouTube, of course, to see if it had an HDMI outlet.  The diagram included one.   However, I did not notice the small asterisk beside it which indicated "on some models" and guess what?  Not on my model.  

Now, my solution is either a new cord using USB ports, or finally get the Dolphin browser downloaded onto the Kindle.  I tried to do that this morning, but got a message that it wasn't compatible with my device.  However, all the Kindle support forums say that its what you have to have to access YouTube and Flash.   Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'll figure it out somehow. 

Now, if you recognize all this agony, you have my sympathy.  If  you think I've suddenly started speaking a foreign language, count yourself lucky and keep it that way!! 

Hubby was "helping" and I told him that trial and error, reading and research was how you learned how to do this stuff, it isn't magic like he believes.  He believes I can answer any question or solve any problem he has with his computer -- like magic.  His comment?  "Nothing is worth hours of frustration like that."   Hmmmm.... maybe I'll remind him of that next time there's a problem with his computer that he wants me to solve. 

Now, aren't you glad you stopped by for a visit this morning?   Just kidding.  I'm always delighted when folks stop by.  Thank you. 

Y'all take care. 

Friday, January 11, 2013


Loss.  It comes into all our lives on little feet, sometimes sneaking up on us and other times charging in like a tornado.  Either way, the result is the same.  Our lives are changed, torn up, upset and rearranged, never to be quite the same again. 

I lost my favorite uncle on Saturday.  We knew the end was coming soon, and were amazed that he held on as long as he did.  He was married to my mother's youngest sister and had been in my life all my life.  Never was there a time when he was not part of me.  Now, I'll miss his laughter and his hi-jinks.  One more pillar of stability and security that has gone, leaving the family with the necessity of standing on our own just a bit more, without the reassuring knowledge that there was someone to help us when needed.  I miss you, Uncle Earl. 

Blogland lost one of its stars yesterday.  Leontien Van de Laar lost here courageous battle with melanoma and is now in a better place, healed of that scourge.  I never met her in person, but her spirit and determination were inspirations to me.  They still are.  A member of my cyber family is missing and it is as real as though she lived next door. 
There may be folks who cannot understand the connections we form here in blogland.   That's their loss, I believe.  My day would not be complete without checking in with my friends here and letting them be part of my life. 

I wish you all peace and happiness in this new year. 

Y'all take care.