Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent Happenings

The very first bird I saw this morning was a Red-Breasted Nuthatch.  There's been an  irruption of them this winter and they are being seen all over the south, even down to southern Florida.    With all the Razorbill sightings, it has made for interesting birding. 

At long last, the mainstream newspapers are paying attention to the effects of climate change on wildlife.  In today's paper there was an article discussing how animals and birds are having to adapt at record pace to keep up with their changing environment.   Birders and other conservation folks have been aware of this for several years. 

Our birds (and squirrels) have been such gluttons lately that I let the feeders get empty and left them for a few days.  It forces the critters to clean up some of the feed that has been slung out onto the ground.  It took less than a half hour for them to find the feeders had been refilled. 

We've had other recent visitors to the yard, too. 

I bought what was supposed to be a squirrel proof feeder but mine was obviously defective.   My friend bought the same brand and hers has a round of mesh on the top that mine doesn't have.  Hers won't let the squirrels in.  
I have since covered the top where he was able to enter with wire mesh and they've been kept out since.  

A couple of weeks after his first visit, the bear returned and although I did not see him that time, there was evidence of his visit next morning. 

That poor birdbath looks awful there.  The crud grows in it so fast in all the warm weather we've had in what is supposed to be winter.  It has been cleaned up and looks much better now and reset.

Y'all take care. 


  1. You have the most wonderful array of visitors, but it's not surprising - you provide good food, lots of it, and water.

    Have you considered a Trailcam to get some pictures of the bear (and other creatures). I'm seriously looking at Bushnell at present, just can't get my head around which model.

    1. Bilbo, I must admit that I never thought about it. I've seen and enjoyed the trailcams that other folks use, though. Thanks for the thought.

  2. Those pesky squirrels are so creative! Our city water is horrible too. We have to have a water conditioner and also an R.O. Unit for drinking water.

  3. Hahahaha! I like the "squirrel-proof" feeder! :)

  4. Who would think the combination of something so small, yet clever (squirrel) and something so large (bear) hankering for tiny little seeds could join forces to fill your days with so much challenge! lol

    Nature - you've got to love her! (if only for her warped sense of humor) :-)

    Great pics, as always - just love to visit you here!


  5. "Bears,and caged Squirrels and beautiful Hawks, Oh My Off to see the Wizard":) B

  6. Bear oh no! Squirrel, cute, but not in the bird feeder! I've seen a red breasted nuthatch once, actually we had a trio for awhile. So little.

  7. Oh your squirrel is hilarious. Those little rascals find their way into everything! But the bear is not good news. Sadly, you are going to have to stop feeding the birds.

  8. Those squirrels are so smart and strong. We have a feeder with wire which they proceeded to bend all up until the etire thing was pulled from it's wooden roof! We don't have any bears, thankfully!

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  9. Those squirrels are so ornery! But sure glad I don't have to deal with bears!