Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rambling on the road, and here.

Oh, this road trip is very tiring!! We are in Hannibal, Missouri tonight and will finish the trip tomorrow, thank goodness!! I have decided that I really do not like traveling via interstate highways. Everybody is in such a hurry and you wind up being stressed out all the time. I like to look at the scenery and whatever birds or critters are along the way. I've driven in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Tucson and other cities all over the country but sure wouldn't want to do it any more. I guess my laid back lifestyle these days is evident.

We'll get to see the kids and the new granddaughter. She's 2 1/2 months old now so should be fun. And today is the oldest granddaughter's 15th birthday. I cannot believe that child has gotten to be so old!!

I'm so glad that the temporary cap on the oil spill is holding. Now to make it permanent!!! And to get on with the cleanup!! It will take years and I hope that the effort won't be abandoned as time goes by. The equivalent of that old adage about "out of the news, out of mind".

Y'all take care.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Life's Been Happening!!

I get bored sometimes, and then sometimes I wish I was bored!!!

Since I posted last, there's been life happening -- some good, and some bad.

We spent some wonderful time at a B & B in Blue Ridge, Georgia over the 4th of July weekend and just plain didn't want to come home. We had wonderful sunny weather (not too hot), a great place to stay and met some great folks.

I spent many happy hours on the front porch taking in the sights offered by the mountains, the gardens and the birds flitting around. Our room had the balcony over the porch with the same view. How lucky can a girl get, huh? I guess black bears are regular visitors in the area but we didn't see any. Darn!!

We normally travel by RV but wanted a change of pace for a few days. We had been through Blue Ridge before but had never stopped there. I'm really glad we did. I like the place. Our B&B was a great place, the breaksfasts were to die for and our hosts were the most friendly and likeable folks you could ask for. How would you like to wake up to sweet potato pancakes with blueberry/orange sauce? Or smoked gouda and spinach souffle with maple sausage rolls? Or praline french toast with blueberries and strawberries? Or a fritatta with bacon, sausage and fresh fruit? Or fresh peach french toast? The coffee was on when you got up and the snack supply endless. And then just for kicks, she makes Key Lime Pie Ice Cream for us as a little extra treat.

Our every need had been anticipated and fulfilled. I thought I had died and gone straight to heaven!!!

Since it was July 4th, we went to the parade which was fun. Been a while since I'd gone to a small town parade.

And we took the train over to a neighboring town for the fireworks display. That was a fun outing. We rode in a rail car with the sides open and had the best seat in town for the fireworks. And one of the best things was that it actually got cool enough on the way back to put on my denim shirt!! Now that was a treat for this Florida girl, especially during the summer time!!!!

We even looked at some cabins there. We've been contemplating whether its time to buy something as a getaway place rather than continue to travel with the RV. Both options have their pros and cons, so no decision made at this point. This little cabin was adorable and would be a wonderful place to escape to any time of the year, even though it doesn't have a view. But there are other things to consider.

All that was the fun part. The not so fun stuff happened after we got home. My hubby has heart problems and they kicked up and he wound up in the ER and hospital again. Thankfully only overnight but the mere fact that the episode occurred is enough to put our anticipated trip to see the kids in jeopardy AGAIN. We've already had to abort our trip to see them and a new granddaughter once this summer. We were already on our way there when that episode kicked up and we returned home for the needed medical care. We had intended to use these few weeks as a recuperation period and then leave on the 17th to try again. Let's just hope that as the days go by, he'll feel better and we can make the trip one way or the other and whether we leave as planned or not. Flying is such a royal pain in the butt that we don't even want to consider that. So it's by car or RV.

I've made a quilt for hubby's oldest friend, Richard. They've known each other since they were 9 years old, so that's 60 years of putting up with each other and still getting along. The quilt is all ready except for the binding, so I need to get to work on it. I want to hand it to him personally rather than send it to him. I think he's going to be just blown away. When we get to make this trip to see the kids, we'll also get to go visit Richard and can give it to him then. Here is the quilt top before being sent off for quilting.

It's quilted in a golfing design and that is most appropriate since he is a rabid golfer. Yes, I meant "rabid", not "avid" golfer!! Anybody who lives in Nebraska and golfs just about year round is more than an avid golfer!!! And of course, it has to have his Cornhusker Red in it so that is what was used for the backing.

Y'all take care.