Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yup. It's nasty outside.

Just looking out the window and noticing that the water drops on the leaves of the oak trees are turning to ice!!!!  Already noticed the icicles forming on the bird feeders from the drizzling rain.

Bummer.  I'll be back soon. 

Y'all take care. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I'm struggling these days.  Posts whirl around in my head but somehow don't make it here.  

The trip home from Iowa was just like the trip up there--tiring and stressful trying to outrun a storm front containing nasty weather.  But, we were successful and even had time for a fun stop at Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Missouri.  
Carl Sandburg's Writing Room, Flat Rock, NC 
The time since then has been filled with various stuff. 

I've been working on a Friendship Braid quilt using shabby chic colors and its coming along.  No pictures of it yet, though. 

I'm trying to clean up my sewing studio so it doesn't look like a tornado hit it.  That's easier said than done since I've run out of storage space.  

I've noticed that there's a few new followers and I am so happy to see that.  Being the lax blogger that I am, I don't always acknowledge the folks I appreciate the most.  Anyway, thank you!! 

Y'all take care, and stay warm.