Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Tastes

I’ve switched to using Windows Live Writer to draft my posts to see if I like it better than posting direct to Blogger.  I get frustrated with the fonts because I will choose “large” and when the post shows up, there it is in “normal”.  Having reached that certain age, I want to read things easily!!   It looks nice sized right now while in draft form, but we'll see when it posts.  Please forgive the oddities while I’m tinkering around.

Hrmmppp--  Writer didn't work worth a hoot.  Back to the drawing board unless I learn better.

I think the dog days of summer arrived early this year.  It is a few days into summer and feels like it should be the end of July or August.    We are very dry here.  We have gotten only bits of rain for a very long time.  Early last week  we got a half inch and are grateful.    I think my brother got some rain today from the looks of the radar.  His corn fields, hay fields and pastures were/are almost beyond hope.  He’s already sold part of his cows because of the lack of grazing and is buying hay to feed the remainder, plus their horses.  I sure hope that he gotten some rain – enough to do some good anyway.

I actually went to the grocery store a few days ago.  Hubby does that most of the time.  I got the idea while there to attempt to imitate a feta-pesto spread we had a couple of weeks ago.   
DSC_0007 (Small)
I think it turned out fabulously!    Such a lively, bright color and taste.
DSC_0009 (Small)
I was on a fruit kick that day, obviously, as I came home with these two jewels also, along with some nectarines, bananas, plums and strawberries!!   Gracious, you’d think we ate healthy or something! 
DSC_0006 (Small)
My friend, the Birdlady, made a Tomato Pie and brought it to us yesterday morning.  Talk about fabulous and tasty!   She had fresh tomatoes from the farm stand and used Paula Deen’s recipe.  Y’all ought to try that one.

Well, let’s see how this new-fangled method works for posting.

Y’all take care. 


  1. I've never heard of a tomatoe pie, need to check that out! Good for you on getting in the kitchen. I get these bright ideas to try something, but more often than not they never make it beyond the idea stage. Ah well. :)

  2. What is in that spread? Looks delicious!