Tuesday, March 11, 2014

C.O.W. Jumped Over the Fence

Can I just jump right back in here after my absence and be a C.O.W. for a minute?  (That's Cranky Old Woman, in case you're wondering.) There was just a story on the local news about whether cursive writing should be taught any more in schools.   Well, color me old fashioned and backwards, but nothing ticks me off worse than to see someone in high school, college or beyond struggle to write something a fourth grader should have mastered!!!  Are you impressed by a sharply dressed and coiffed executive who can't write their name legibly or put together an intelligent sentence?   Me neither.   Being computer literate and proficient is not enough.  This is not an either/or situation, people.  Success requires both "real" writing (as we used to call it in second grade) and computer savvy.  Don't even get me started on people who don't read beyond grade school level and think they're all educated.  Okay, the C.O.W. will jump back over the fence and go on about her business now. 

Hoping to have several of these blooms this year.
I'll be back shortly with much better vibes, I promise. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. OMgosh, SO true! How can anyone even ask if writing is necessary?
    (akin to asking if breathing is a good idea?!?) I'm not sure if it's more
    tragic or shocking that the educational system considers such options.
    Next it will be math because, after all, everyone has a calculator....

    PS your "cow" intro is tooo funny - love it!
    please feel free to 'moo' away with more great points anytime :-)

    Hugs buddy,

  2. That's a shame that this is even coming up. I love handwriting notes and such....still. I think it is a lost art form. Sad to think that people won't know how to do cursive writing. I guess I'm old -fashioned too.

  3. OMG! I can not BELIEVE they want to do this!!! They don't teach cursive writing at schools here. Its such a shame. Kids don't send "snail mail" thank yous anymore. Nothing! Its pretty sad.
    I like the c.o.w. LOL! I'll have to use that on hubby. hahaha

  4. I agree! I teach second grade and we introduce cursive writing. Many people think it is useless, but I disagree. It is not emphasized at my son's high school and I think that is a shame.

  5. well I WAS taught cursive writing by NUNS... bring back the NUNS i tell ya - youre darn tootin' every child will be signing their name correctly...

  6. Hey we really DO think alike!!!!! I told my husband I wanted to put on facebook...I think people are getting stupider and stupider....he laughed and said to do it....I said they wouldn't get it.

    Cindy Bee

  7. I think actual hand-writing seems to be a lost art - just like thinking with one's brain is a lost art (in school). All the kids carry iPads and Calculators - but can they reason out a "word problem"?? Not so much. They can read words, but can't comprehend what they're reading. Hence, why my daughter did her Masters on Incorporating Reading and Language Skills in the Math Classroom.

  8. Love your comments ,the truth is so hard for these people to accept since they have no judgement in the writing dept. I so agree with what Montanagirl says about the ipads, etc. Have a great day.

  9. Round of applause, I agree! We have done our kids an extreme disservice by bowing to technology. We have dumbed down the younger generations to the point they would be useless in the real world!

  10. Of course educators should stop teaching anything difficult, and definitely not make future generations actually have to do some work. Why on earth will kids need to write - they can type everything? They don't really need any knowledge either, they will be able to look up everything on Google.

    Here, here to everything all your other visitors have said. Sheesh, what the *£@%$&! is this idiotic world coming to?

  11. I couldn't agree with you more. That being said, language is changing with the internet and also texting and words are being shortened/chopped up. In the years ahead I think that this will all become the norm... I may not like it, but I do think that's what is going to happen. Actual hand-writing will most likely fall to the wayside. I'm glad I grew up and learned cursive and to read properly. Pity the kids these days I tell ya. Guess I'm a cranky old woman too.. xox

  12. I agree! We called it "real writing", too. My 23 year old son prints as does most of his contemporaries. It is becoming a lost art. So sad.