Saturday, October 23, 2010

Role as Florence Nightingale

It has been a week!!  I think I should change my name to Florence Nightingale.  What do you think?  Hubby had the angiogram on Monday which showed a stent is nearly blocked and must be fixed but that was postponed until next week.  Because another hernia was developing on the left side, it needed to be fixed first due to the meds he would be on once the stent is repaired.  Once you're on those meds, you can't have any surgery for a year unless its a life threatening situation.  Since he'd already put up with a very large and painful hernia on the right side for the past year thanks to those same meds from earlier stents (open incision repair only a month ago -- double yuck), he wasn't about to do it again.  So, Monday morning the angio, Monday afternoon visit the surgeon, Wednesday pre-op, and yesterday the laparoscopic surgery for the new hernia.  Recuperate for a few days, followup with surgeon next Tuesday, and then fix that stent next Thursday!!   Now, don't all you guys want to join this fun?????   He is doing well, though, so we just have to hang on a while longer.  

I haven't had a minute to even think about taking pictures.  My photography class will be over in a couple of weeks and I don't feel as though I've learned much there.  I just need to devote some time to practicing the various settings and reviewing the results so I'll know where to go for a specific situation. 

I did get my brother's quilt off to the quilter.  She won't get to it for a couple of weeks, but at least its in her hands.  Here's a picture of the finished top. 
 It's quite large at about 76x104.  There are photographs in the gold looking blocks.  He's a farmer/rancher, so in addition to pictures of the family, there are shots of his horses and cows and house.  The green looking fabric is grass and the brown sashing fabric has swirls like rope.  Its for his birthday coming up soon and he has no idea I'm making it.  

I worked on my great horned owl picture a little bit and got it to where you can see him better.  The whole time I was looking at him, I wanted to just hold him and stroke those beautiful feathers.  I don't think that would have gone over well, though. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. I will be praying for your husband and you!

  2. I am so far behind, girl ...

    I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts. You have to be mentally/emotionally exhausted!

    I LOVE that owl. I've been thinking the bird I saw the other morning may actually have been an owl.