Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy-ness of All Kinds

 Our fabulous fall weather is continuing.  We have clear blue skies and sunshine, steady breezes, temps in high 70's and humidity levels around 35%.  That's perfection for us Floridians! 

For several days, I've had just 2 or 3 hummingbirds.  Today, however, and particularly this afternoon, there's a flock of them!!!   They are constantly skirmishing over the feeders.  Several times today, one has crashed into the window or the eave overhang while facing off.  There is absolutely no way for me to capture that kind of activity, but I wish I  could share it with you.  Their little high-pitched chirping and that unmistakable sound of wings whirring keep me company. 

The steady north wind today would likely have made for good birdwatching at the local migrant traps, but I had other projects I really need to devote time to, so I stayed home.  If the wind continues, it might be worth a drive over to Ft. Pickens tomorrow morning.  It takes me nearly an hour to get over there, what with having to cross the bridge and then head out the peninsula.    I saw a grey headed catbird at the birdbath today, and two Carolina wrens were flitting around.  

There has been a number of hawks in and around our house recently.  I know that there has to have been a nest close by, because the young ones are seen too often.  On Thursday, I saw two red-tailed hawks sitting in the top of a pine tree across the way.   The hawks on the top of a dark green pine tree against a deep blue sky made for a wonderful sight.  They were too far away for my camera, so all I could do was keep looking and drink it in.   I think they were juveniles from their behavior.  And on Friday, I saw a red shouldered hawk sitting in an oak tree not 30 feet from my back door.  I think that one was also a youngster.   Unfortunately, he didn't cooperate and stay long enough for me to get the camera.  

My bird ID class has turned out to be really just a birdwatching outing.  I'm disappointed.  I was hoping to learn some of the basics concerning classifications, behaviors, etc.  Some of the field locations are further than I want to drive, so I don't plan to attend those.  The photography class is interesting.  I already know a good bit of what is discussed, but there's enough new material to keep me coming.  
My brother and his fiance will have a very small wedding next weekend, but they have asked me to take pictures for them.  I'm flattered, but told them "you get what you get".   They are just asking for snapshots, not professional style photos.  We'll see how it goes. 

And the other "don't know how to describe it" class is turning out to be very interesting.  The best thing is the stimulation and incentive to think about those things in your life that are normally left tucked away.  I'm finding that some of the untouchable subject from my younger years have new meaning when I look at them now.  This new understanding would have made dealing with them much easier had I known then!!  But its also letting me accept some of those past events for what they are and move on.  

I've finished squaring the block for the quilt.  We had a family gathering yesterday and I took a picture of my brother and his fiance.  I decided that since they are getting married next weekend, I ought to include it also.  I spent the entire afternoon struggling to get the picture sized correctly and printed onto the fabric!  What a bout.  Then I took apart one of the other picture blocks and inserted that picture into it.    A while back I used a 50% off coupon and bought a rotating cutting mat.  What a wonderful thing!!  Squaring is always an odious, tedious task but a rotating mat makes it so much easier.  

If you quilters don't have one, run to get one as soon as you can, and get the biggest one you can afford!!  Mine is 14 inches, so can do blocks up to 12 inches.  

My 82 year old aunt also asked me to make a quilt for her, and I was flattered and honored to say yes.  Then she added a little tidbit -- she wants it king size!!!!!  I think I blanched at that comment.  However, I stuck by my word and told her I'd do it.  She has a new 4-poster and wants a new quilt for it.  She'll let me know the basic colors and then I'm on my own.  

This aunt had no children until she adopted her son when I was about 12 years old.  Up until then, she treated me like a substitute child.  Her older sister did the same, until she also adopted a daughter a couple of years later.  Both those ladies are very dear to me and they are the only ones left of my mother's siblings.  At 82 and 88 years old, I don't want to ever take them for granted. 

Y'all take care.  

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