Thursday, October 14, 2010

Train of Thought

There is a swampy area down along the road and we regularly see great blue herons feeding there.  Today, however, I actually had to stop in the road to allow one to finish walking across from one ditch to the other!!!  No camera in sight, of course.  Never had that happen before but it was really neat.   This shot was taken at Big Lagoon State Park back in March.  They are such grand birds, and stand between 3 and 4 feet tall.
Well, I tried to insert a photo of a Great Blue Heron here, but the software keeps turning it on the side.   And I'm too tired to mess with it.  

I had lunch with some cousins today.  We've had it planned for a while.  Being a ditz on occasion, I didn't look at my calendar and showed up LAST WEEK.  Made a phone call and found out I was a week early, so I didn't waste a trip to the Mexican restaurant.  So, that made lunch out two Wednesdays in a row!   What a treat.  I think we're going to try to do this monthly or so.   Three of us live here within a few miles of each other, and the fourth lives about 30 miles away.  No excuse.

I finally finished the top for the quilt for my brother.  This was just a trial run to see audition the sashing.
I decided to omit the gold cornerstones.   There is a brown first border, and just tonight I decided to use the blue for an outer border.  Looks nice.    I'll go tomorrow to pick out backing for it.  It turned out huge and I simply don't have anything to use.  I have arranged for a long arm quilter to start working on it next week, so I need to get the batting and backing  ASAP.  It's so big that I can't take a picture without help.  May not be able to post a picture until it is all finished, but I'll make sure to do so before I give it to him.

I went with my Bird Lady friend on one of her survey trips up in the state forest.  We spent most of the day Monday traveling over little two lane dirt tracks, stopping every little bit to check for what birds might be around.  We had a wonderful day.  The weather was great.  We always seem to have a good time up there.  Nobody around to bother you, although a couple of hunters were checking out the area in preparation for hunting season to open soon.  I'm sure they were quite put out to find two ladies up there in "their" woods with binoculars and bird books.  A couple of forestry personnel were also out checking on things.  One reason we went this week is to get this area checked before hunting season begins.  Too risky to be up there then.  Those drivers think the roads are their own private raceway, and there's too many itchy fingers near triggers, if you know what I mean.  Once the hunting season opens, we stay the heck out of those areas.

I still have one or two hummingbirds stopping by the feeders.  Probably will be only a few days until they are all gone.

Hubby is having chest discomfort and pains again.  He's to see the cardiologist tomorrow afternoon.  He is so discouraged right now, and ticked off, and just generally angry about all these medical problems.  Just when you think one is getting cleared up, something else crops up.

Y'all take care.

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