Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today I attended one of the semi-annual gatherings of my siblings and assorted children and grandchildren.  Before my mother passed away three years ago, we always celebrated Mama and Daddy's birthdays near the first of May since their birthdays occurred then and were only eight days apart.  And we always had Thanksgiving at Mama's house.  Now that they are both gone, we still celebrate their birthdays but have moved the Thanksgiving gathering to earlier in the month.  We take turns hosting and since there are 7 of us in the mix, nobody has to do this very often.  We lost my oldest brother in January but his wife is continuing in his slot.  The host does the planning and usually provides the entree, and the rest of us furnish everything else.  

Today we had 30 members of our family present.  We ranged in age from 75 down to just over 3 weeks.  What a melange of characters!  And another addition is expected around the first of next month.  

These gatherings all take on their own personalities as they unfold.  Our host this time didn't make any plans until about two weeks ago and held it at his home, which was a 3 hour trek one way for a couple of us.  Hubby and I broke our drive up by spending the night with another brother who lives about half way there.  We had an enjoyable visit and saved ourselves half of the drive today on the way up.    

Since we are in the middle of our first real cold snap, we couldn't spend time outdoors like last year.  So, folding tables were up everywhere inside and extra chairs commandeered, but we all sat down to share a meal together.  Thankfully, my brother has a big house!!   It truly was a wonderful day.

There have been times over the years when we siblings haven't always agreed on things and there has been some tension at times.  But we all are seeming to realize more every day just how fragile life can be when taken for granted.  And we are making the effort to let unimportant things pass by without comment and remember only those that deserve to be remembered.  So, I'm thankful today, maybe a little more than usual, for the people I have in my life. 

I hope all of you will use my good fortune today as an opportunity to reflect on the good souls in your lives.  And, then tell them how much you appreciate them.

Y'all take care. 

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