Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creeks and Curves

It has been a very busy week.  I went birdwatching on Monday up to Blackwater State Forest, helping my friend, the Birdlady, with her survey.  This time we were specifically looking for sparrows -- checking to see who had arrived by now.  Turned out not many have arrived yet. 

So, although the birding was not fabulous, we did have a fabulous day weatherwise and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves -- as usual.  There are stables and a campground up there that I had never visited and Coldwater Creek runs right beside it.  Oh, what a beautiful creek!!!!   I wanted to just splash right into it. 

This same creek is one of several waterways in the area renowned for canoeing and kayaking.   The water levels are low right now thanks to a combination of lack of rainfall and typical fall/winter levels.   I've never understood that, but it happens.   In the sound and on the gulf, the water levels drop significantly during the winter months.   

My quilt guild met today and there was a workshop afterwards.  Lisa Moore, quilt designer, from Sitka, Alaska taught a technique and method of curved piecing that is just plain slick!!  I've never worked with curves before, mainly because of the difficulty of getting curved seams to lie flat, and the problem of easing in the fabric.  The magic moment is created by using what's called a Fabric Folding Pen.  The liquid in the pen allows the fabric fibers to relax so that they can be curved easily.  Neatest thing I've seen in a while.  

Here a couple of shots of what I've done thus far. 
That curved seam is probably smoother than any straight seam I've ever sewn.  Yes, there really is a seam in that curve.
I am using a kit that I purchased from Ms. Moore, but some of the other ladies were using fabric of their own choosing and the outcomes are going to be more than gorgeous. 
 The curves are in the body of the quilt and the circle is part of what will be a full moon when completed.  

Also on the quilting front, I've purchased the fabrics to make my aunt's quilt.  It's going to consume a great deal of my quilting time for a while.  I'm going to have to learn how to multi-task, because I don't want to stop working on the curve technique before I've totally mastered it and it is engrained in my brain.  There's nothing difficult to it, but remembering the sequences is important for recall later.   It's my normal routine to work on only one project at the time, from start to finish.  Guess I'm weird that way.

And my brother's quilt is being worked on by the quilter as we speak.  I should have it back this weekend and it'll be ready for the binding.  His birthday is fast approaching and I am determined to have it done before then so that I can deliver it on time.

Y'all take care. 

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