Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Boy to Turkey Day

Been working on Hubby's birthday celebration.  He's gonna be 70 on Monday and we've invited about 30 friends and neighbors over.  I'm trying to spread all the work out over the days so I won't be a stressed out wreck come Monday evening.    That's fun, but the absolute best fun part is that two of the kids are coming, and he doesn't know it.  So far, we've been able to keep it a surprise.   Now to just get through Sunday morning and a run into town (without hubby) to pick up "party stuff" a/k/a one of the kids!!!  The other one arrives Sunday night but he'll be renting a car and will drive himself out here.  Oh, I'm so excited to see if we can really pull this off.  He's hard to surprise. 

Hubby is feeling better.  He says that this is the best he's felt in over a year.  There is no cure for genetically based coronary artery disease and you just have to deal with it as it progresses.  He is on various medications, his cholesterol levels are way beyond excellent, he exercises and yet his arteries want to clog up way too frequently.  We have no idea how long this current bout of good health will continue, but we're going to take advantage of it and take some trips.  During the winter, RV travel is somewhat limited for wimps like us.  We certainly aren't headed to anyplace colder than where we live, so that greatly reduces our options.  I'm sure we can find someplace, though.  The rig hasn't been used much at all this year.  

It is becoming more evident daily that we may need to be moving.   There's just too much work involved in keeping up a house and big yard.  Of course, neither of us has any idea where we'd like to move.   Both of us would consider a townhouse, provided that it was one floor and had a bit of outdoor space and lots of trees around. There are very few townhouses in our area, and certainly none that meet that criteria.    But, it is something that we have to be thinking about.

Do you remember thinking as a child what fun it must be to be a grownup?  Grownups got to whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  Now that we're the grownups, we see that's not quite the case.  There are some real responsibilities that come with the privileges of adulthood.  

Not much picture taking.  But here's a shot of a pileated woodpecker at the birdbath in the back yard.  This is one of TWO pileateds that were on that pine tree at the same time.  That was the first time in twelve years that we'd seen them in our yard.  It was a glorious treat and I was lucky to have time to retrieve the camera and catch even one of them!!  

If I don't get back before then, I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food and joyous times. 

Y'all take care. 


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