Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My World Has Been Nuts

The past week has been nuts!!! We went through the routine of getting the house ready, packing up the RV and heading out of town for what WAS to have been a several weeks long trip. Really looking forward to it because we were going to get to see the kids and granddaughters, including a new granddaughter born on May 3. Gonna visit friends in Nebraska and then maybe trek to upper Minnesota for a while. We got so far as Branson, Missouri (a two day drive with the RV) where I was able to meet up with a quilting buddy from the HGTV quilting forum. We had a great day checking out quilt shops, visiting and getting to know each other.

Then on Saturday, things got really interesting. While at an afternoon show, in a darkened theater and me looking forward (not sideways at my him), my husband is having a major episode of cardiac problems. Tells me nada - zilch- squat. Then an hour later at intermission he wants to go for a walk -- as though he has ever done that before. So, I finally asked folks to let us out and we go for our walk -- all the way up to the back of the theater where he finally tells me what had been going on, but that the pain and pressure had pretty much gone away by then!!! I'm ready to cart him off to the ER but he wouldn't hear of it. And you want to know what, the same danged thing happened again Saturday night, including not telling me about it until it was long over.

Now, do you have any idea how many times he's done this to me since his cardiac problems were diagnosed a couple of years ago? Oh, his excuses are that he doesn't want to upset me, that it's not that bad, or if it comes back we'll go the ER or call 911, yadda, yadda, yadda. Does he think it'll upset me less if he drops like a rock in front of me? Possibly to not get up again??? Anyway, we aborted our trip to see the kids which broke both our hearts. But, we both also wanted to be home to deal with this. We then spent two stress filled days driving back home. Since we got here, I've done everything and won't let him so much as spit without permission!! I suspect the cardiologist is gonna plop him into the hospital when we see him tomorrow morning and that's right where I'd like him to be until this is figured out!!! Does that sound selfish of me? I truly never know what the next minute is going to bring and it's taking its toll.

This unexpected return to sunny Florida reminded me of why we like to leave in the summer anyway. It was 88 degrees and 79% humidity yesterday afternoon when I was trying to unload the RV. Oh, and it had rained here earlier in the day so the ground was wet. Now, that was truly fun! NOT!!! So, I guess I'll spend lots of time sewing and doing other crafty stuff inside for a while. Or maybe I can haul my butt down to the pool at the rec center. At least that will be constructive.

There was a story in both national and local news tonight about the Gulf oil spill nearing the coast here in Florida. That just breaks my heart and I am so angry at not only BP, but all the other oil companies who put profit and expediency ahead of safety and good sense!! Now, there's this royal mess destroying a beautiful body of water and who knows if it can ever be fixed or cleaned up.

I was going to attach a picture of our beaches, but it is hiding from me somewhere. My computer crashed last fall and although I didn't lose anything, some things are stacked back in folders and I just don't remember where those photos are right now. Guess that's another bit of evidence that I'm often afflicted with the CRS (can't remember crap) syndrome!

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  1. Florida Girl, I was so happy to see on HGTV message board that you have a blog! I do not. Always enjoy your posts on the board. I live almost at the Florida border in GA, so maybe we can meet someday. I will be praying for your husband's health.