Monday, June 21, 2010

Birds of Summer

Been spending way too much time inside my workroom lately and either sewing or on computer. But one of the real treats of that has been a daily show by the bluebirds as they feed on the insects in the lawn. Every afternoon when the sun seems to be brightest just outside this window, the bluebirds are swooping and turning to catch bugs. Sometimes they'll land and pick intently, and other times they snatch the insect and head off to a nearby limb or the fence. It seems they have their back to the window more than not and that makes their beautiful colors just shine!! Of course, the little females aren't as flashy but they work just as diligently. Sure wish there was some way I could show you what I'm talking about but it is pure serendipity to see them, never mind have time to get a camera!!

Today I filled the bird feeders with a luscious mix! It looked good enough that I wanted to eat it!! There were enough shelled sunflower seeds, peanuts and dried fruits in it that it was tempting! We really do have some of the best fed birds and squirrels in the county.

Earlier this spring I went on my first "big" birding trip to Louisiana and Texas. It was mind-blowing. I haven't counted up the number of species seen and it's not important in itself. The important part is that by paying attention to what is around you, you can see literally dozens or perhaps more than a hundred different kinds of birds in one single day!!! That is amazing.

Many of these were first birds for me and I couldn't be more proud. I'm trying to learn how to use a photo manipulation program so that I can label photos, etc. but thus far it has stymied me. Guess a lesson would be in order. This whole post may have to be redone. Who knows.

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