Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Quandary and Comments

I am so anxious for the weather to cool off some, but at the same time I am amazed at how fast the time passes by. Guess I'm a kid that way, in that I want to have it both ways, knowing full well that it isn't going to happen.

Sometimes I think my life is boring. Nothing interesting happens. And THEN ----- I'm asked if I'll ride herd on a trust administration when the time comes, I get an invitation to a baby shower for my niece, and I get word that my brother is getting remarried next month!!! Oh, and hubby's long awaited surgery is next Thursday. So, I guess the universe figured I needed to be reminded of familial ties.

Hubby and I are in the throes of a dilemma over whether to sell this place and move to one which requires less upkeep. The deal when we moved here was that we would live here so long as my mother was alive. Well, she's been gone three years now and we're still here. I really don't care for the weather here, the terrain is too flat, and in some ways my beliefs don't fit in with most of the folks who live here. But on the other hand, I'm an emminently practical person. It's the way I was raised. The cost of living is pretty low, I do have family in the extended area, there's no mortgage on the place and hubby likes it here. So, what's a girl to do when there is no compelling reason for such a big event as moving? If I said tomorrow that I really want to move away from here, the preparations would begin. But the really big question is where to move to? There is no point in just moving for the sake of moving, and there is no place that just commands my attention. We've traveled extensively throughout the US and there are lots of places that I like. And, although I hate to admit it, the need for good medical care nearby is now a necessity, thanks to hubby's heart disease. He is very comfortable with his doctors and there are good hospitals nearby. So, do I ask him to uproot his comfortable life just to help assuage my restlessness?

I hear some of my friends express regularly how glad they are to live here and how much they love it. Then I wonder what I'm missing. Why am I not content to be here?

The brother who is getting married is the one for whom the quilt is being made. I've been slacking off and really need to get busy and get it finished as soon as I can and make sure that it's totally done by his birthday in less than three months. Yikes, that puts a whole new light on it. Time is passing and before I know it, I'll be rushing around trying to finish and find a quilter who can squeeze me into a crowded schedule. (It always gets busy for long arm quilters before the holidays.)

I regularly get to see ruby throated hummingbirds as they visit the feeder just outside my workroom window. They never cease to thrill me.

And also a couple of days ago, there was some commotion in the back yard and I found two Cooper's Hawks harassing the squirrels. One lit in a tree and i grabbed my camera. Had the short lens on it, so the picture didn't turn out well. By the time I changed lenses, they had taken off. But the hawk is sitting there in the middle of the picture and he was gorgeous.

I haven't spent much time outside looking for them, but I did see a prothonotary warbler in the tree tops the other day. I'll be going on a birdwatching outing on Saturday with the Audubon chapter, and then next week there's an outing of some of the girls to the local state forest.

Y'all take care.


  1. I wish I could get a pic of a hummingbird. On my bucket list. They don't seem to hang around long. My beliefs don't gel well with the folks where I've found myself living the past five and a half years either. (Husband is a psychiatrist at the state hospital nearby.) This is an ultra-conservative place. (That tells you a lot about me!) But I stay to myself and don't feel the need to mix with them much. Your porch looks so serene and lovely.

  2. FFG, that is a very hard choice. How old is your husband? To be blunt, will the day come when he is gone but you will still feel this way and be young enough to make a new start? (I hope his medical condition is not like that).

  3. Oh, that's a hard one. When we moved from one end of the country to another it was easy, we both yearned to be in this part of the world.

    Penny is right, even though what she says might bother some folk, it's a reality which ought to be considered - women live longer than men.

    Or, playing devil's advocat, how about "bloom where you are planted"? Although in truth, I lived in our previous county for 15 years because that is where OH was based and I never settled, always wanted to get away.