Friday, September 17, 2010

More Hummers and Hope

I wish there was some way for me to video tape all the activity outside my window right now. The rubythroated hummingbirds are all over the back yard, and the territory disputes abound!! I don't have a video camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it!!

Adults will consent to share feeding stations but the juveniles just about won't do it. That makes for some incredibly amusing antics. I can't say how many there are out there, but I see three of them dive bombing each other, and then others sneak in to the feeder while they are off wasting energy.

I sat outside the other day trying to get a photo of the red gorget (throat) of one of these little birds. You have to be at just the perfect angle or you lose them. Knowing how hard it is, I do admire those nature photographers who seem to produce perfect shots.

This is the first year that I've had this many hummers at one time. I know other folks along the beach can have 50 or more at the time during the peak of migration. What a glorious sight that must be.

I also get other birds that are curious. This little wren visits regularly and hops along the outside windowsill. This is the first time he clung to the screen. It really is like they are trying to see inside.

Yesterday was a very good day. Hubby had the hernia repair surgery he's been waiting to have. It went well and he's home for the recuperation. Because of the medications he has been on for heart related issues, he couldn't have the surgery until now, so he's been waiting a year for this. The hernia had gotten bigger as time went by so it could not be done laparoscopically. He had about reached the end of his rope due to the pain, discomfort and the inability to do anything but sit around. He tends to be pretty active, and just sitting with chores undone was very difficult for him. I pick up the slack where I can, but that also bothers him. But now, there is hope that when he has healed from this, he will be able to resume his normal activities, including playing golf with his buddies!! It has been over a year since he was able to play in their weekly game.

And as for me, seeing him without discomfort and pain will be a joy.


  1. Hope your husband is feeling much better. I have getting a shot of a hummingbird on my bucket list. As quick as I can grab the camera, they're off and over the fence.

  2. Sounds like excellent news with your husband - I am so happy for you!

    As for your nature shots, I think you do a bang up job!