Saturday, September 25, 2010

Golden Sunlight and Knarled Live Oaks

At a certain time in the afternoon, the sunlight turns golden and simply spills over the earth like molten gold.  I think that's just about my favorite time of day.  It makes colors richer, and creates deep shadows around otherwise ordinary things.  I've been seeing the wild sage (at least that's what I think it is) in my back yard for some time now and when the sunlight reaches this point, the blossoms seem to be on fire.  The butterflies loves these flowers.  You'd think the hummers would, but I don't see them out there. 

When we built this house, we left a portion of the back in its natural state for the critters.  We've never regretted it.  Not only do the critters love it, the growth also blocks the lights from the vehicles coming up the street toward our house.  That side street has gotten far busier than we ever imagined and I cannot fathom having all those lights shining into our windows every evening.  

My primary demand on selecting a lot was that it have oak trees.  I didn't mind if it had pine trees, but it absolutely had to have oak trees.    We've lost most of the pines in the hurricanes, and the oaks have taken a beating but they are still here and glorious.  The trunks are twisted and knarled but, oh, so beautiful.   These are some of the ones in the back yard.

I get to look at this one directly out my window while in my work room.    Well, I was going to put it here but somehow it keeps getting laid on its side, rather than rotated properly.  Hmmmmmm........
Well, hells bells, folks.  I can't get that picture to load correctly for love or money.  Something to do with my turning the camera to take a portrait style photo instead of landscape.  When I try to upload it, blogger turns it to landscape.  Not an attractive thing to see lovely oaks lying sideways.

There are still three or four hummers around every day.  And they still squabble over the 3 feeders that are hanging out there.  One of these days real soon, they will all be gone.  It has been such a joy to watch them zooming around and hear them chattering at each other. 

Hubby is improving steadily as the days go by.  Hopefully, he'll be able to drive again in a few days and he can go play bridge with his friends.  Of course, he also knows that his days of being waited on are coming to a screeching halt!!!!!!   He actually did dishes today for the first time.  Not many, but at least he handled it.

The air outside has a definite twinge of autumn in it, but is still very warm.  When I was out earlier, it was still about 85 degrees, even though it has been cloudy a good part of the day.  Rain is forecast over the weekend and we surely do need it. 

Y'all take care.

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  1. Why, I loved reading this and seeing those trees. Great commentary. With that natural setting you've left, you'd probably have the requirements to be certified as a national wildlife habitat. (If you haven't done that already.) Even my little garden home yard fills the requirements, and I have my NWF sign on the fence.