Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring is Trying to Arrive

I can't believe this weather.  One week its above 70 degrees and the next it's 50 degrees.  I'm hauling my deck plants in and out of the house still in order to avoid frost damage.  Sheesh! 

From last summer
The goldfinches are donning their breeding plumage, at least some of them are.  I've had a lot of them all winter long and they all seem to have stuck around.   There's a pair of Eastern Towhees that appear to be about to nest in the area, too.  The Eastern Phoebes are working on a nest right now. 

Had a great trip to Florida for hubby to play in a bridge tournament and for me to spend time with my quilty friends.  We had our own mini retreat for a couple of days.  It was fabulous.
View from the coffee porch
Little guys trying to not be blown away 
I've been making some progress in my quilting studio but nothing to show you for it just yet.   Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures for you. 

Meanwhile, hope all of you are handling pollen season well.

Y'all take care


  1. Pollen season....blah! Sounds like you had a lovely trip!

  2. The weather here has been crazy as well. Only it got up to the 50's and we were all happy and going without coats, then the 30's and SNOW! WTH!!!! I want some of that warm Florida breeze to blow up here and warm us up. I'll take your 50's!!!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Good to hear you had a lovely trip; weather is mad here too - one minute warm and the next we're running for cover and being pelted by hail-like rain. yuk :-{

  4. Oh, I'm jealous of the trip and the quilting. And the weather. It's like winter here this week. Mother Nature is a cruel beeyotch...tempting us with warm sunshiney weather....then snow. Ugh.

  5. The birds would have a better chance of staying on the pair if they used both legs! Nice shot.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Our weather has been up and down too! But, unfortunately it's supposed to get to 100 degrees by Friday. Yuck!

  7. over here spring is on its peek but unfortunately due to temperature above forty the flowers are not lasting for long ,hope you have lovely climate in you area dear have blessed blooming spring ahead