Monday, March 14, 2016

Mish Mash

We had one of these lovely sights this afternoon.  I scrambled to get the camera but the conditions changed so quickly that the colors had faded before I could get back upstairs.  This one is from a year or so ago but same location. 

The trees are beginning to have the faintest hint of green on them.  I bet within two weeks, they'll be totally different than now.  

Hubby and I went to a blues concert on Saturday night.  Saw Mac Arnold , an old time blues man who has played with all the greats over the years.  He's up there in age but he's still going.  His bandmates are fabulous musicians.  If you ever get the chance to hear them, jump on it. 

The goldfinches are singing up a storm outside my house these days and there's lots of them.  The pine siskins are heard occasionally but I figure they'll be all gone quickly.  It is that time again and I think some birds are migrating early this year. 

My quilting has been lagging for months now.  I'm actually working on a top but it is taking me far longer to get it finished than it should.  I just get distracted by anything and everything.  This is the original pattern. 
Original layout 
I didn't like the way that looked so I changed it up to this following. 
Final layout
I didn't have a background fabric that I liked and when I went shopping the local store didn't have what I wanted either.  I wound up getting the pale green and thought it would work fine.  However, not as good as I expected but once its finished and quilted I think somebody will enjoy it. 

Y'all take care 


  1. That is a beautiful rainbow! They can be hard to capture in photographs! I love your quilt work too!

  2. That is a great rainbow. Of course some of our trees are going in the other direction - with a few of the non-natives starting to pick up colour.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Quilting does lag sometimes, but that is OK, fabric is forgiving and waits quietly until we are ready. Have you noticed how late-Spring-like your colours are? Perhaps that is why you are ready to come back to it now?

    Take care, xx

  4. Gone by the time you get the camera seems to be par for the course for rainbows! But when you get one!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne