Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ride 'em Cowboy!!

While camping, my brother and sister-in-law came over on Saturday for a visit.  After dinner with the whole gang of eight, the four of us went over to the rodeo which was being held nearby in conjunction with the Spanish Trail Festival.  I hadn't been to a rodeo in a number of years.  It really isn't my cup of tea, so to speak, but my brother and his wife are horsey people and love it.  So, we were happy to go along just to spend some quality time with them. 
Please forgive the poor quality of these photos.  As I've mentioned before, I really need some instruction on the proper use of my camera.  Without some way to stabilize the camera, I couldn't hold it still enough long enough, so all my pictures are a bit fuzzy or blurry.  Most of them are beyond hope, actually.  One of those things of trying to use ambient light and the shutter  being very slow due to the low light levels.  

I always wonder what it is that makes seemingly sane people deliberately get onto the back of a massive animal that is intent on getting rid of them as quickly as possible.  

My brother and his wife have five or six horses between them.  They camp and ride the trails in the forest where we were camping. 
Two of my brother's horses. 
Some of his cows.
Y'all take care. 

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