Thursday, April 21, 2011

Antiques -- the Best Kind

My long time friend, Mary, and her twin sister, Liz, were here for a couple of days.  I loved having them here and wish they could have stayed longer, but duty called in the way of a new job to start soon and the need to get back to Minneapolis in time for all the prep before heading off to Los Angeles for training. 

We are all pretty much antique junkies, so we spent a day poking around in some of the local stores.  There's not as many of them as there used to be, unfortunately.  Before coming over here, the two of them even hit Round Top while in Texas taking care of some business.  Bummer that I couldn't join them this year.   BUT -- on our little local foray, I did get a wonderful wrought iron quilt rack to display some of my quilts.  I've been wanting a rack but couldn't handle those little hearts carved into the ends!!   So, this is a little gift to myself.  
The antique quilts on it were also gifts to myself from prior years!!!  

Y'all take care. 

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