Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brothers, Birds, Booty, and Stuff

Where to begin?? Today I finally solved the problem of the photo transfer from the camera to the computer. Required an update to the camera software. Still blows my mind that it worked just fine one day and then didn't work at all the next. Did you know that Nikon has service call centers in the Dominican Republic?

After having no interest in sewing for at least a couple of months, I'm now revved up and ready to go. While we were visiting the kids in the midwest, I did my share to support the economy -- particularly quilt shops. I came home with a wonderful batch of fabric, some of which is already being put to use.

The quality control inspectors, Roxie and Cassie, were right there as everything was taken out of the bags just make sure it met critical standards. Figured I was going to have to ship it home because the Little Red Car's boot was pretty full, but with some refolding was able to fit it all in one box except for a length of prequilted fabric which was just too fluffy.

I've been working on my brother's quilt, figuring fabric and cutting fabric. I've even made the center portion of the blocks using photographs of his "life and times", so to speak. He's gonna be absolutely blown away when I give this thing to him. (At least I certainly hope so.) Before the past winter ended we were talking and I mentioned that I was working on a quilt. His comment was, and I quote, "you're gonna have to make me one if it doesn't warm up soon". SO..........I do think the boy will appreciate it. His birthday is the day after mine (albeit 4 years sooner) and I'm going to try to have it ready by then.

This brother and I are rather close. He and one of my sisters and I carried the brunt of the load caring for my mother the last year of her life. She and I took turns staying the week with her at her house and then he took her on the weekends. And he was always the first person on Mama's mind when a question had to be answered or a problem solved. After Daddy died, he was the "go to" child for a long time. I didn't move back nearby until 1998 and then I was able to spend considerable time with her. Those days allowed me to get to know her in a way the other siblings will never know, simply because they didn't bother to spend the time. And that's sad for them. Watching her decline in body and mind that last year was a wrenching, exhausting experience but I wouldn't trade it for anything. And to be holding her hand as she left this earth was beyond description.

Gotta get myself in gear. I'm not going to post pictures of his quilt here until a bit further along. Oh heck, why not just a peek????

There are other assorted photos of our parents, siblings, his daughter and his place. He was right there when I took most of the photos but, of course, he had no idea what I was going to use them for. And some are older photos from my collection.

I don't ordinarily have anyone in mind when I make a quilt -- just a couple of times. So, giving myself the deadline is a new challenge for me.

Just a quick comment about the birds in my yard. At given times, I can see bluejays, cardinals, red bellied woodpeckers, doves, chickadees and titmice all fluttering around out there. Add to the mix a few squirrels and it gets to be a circus. I truly hope some of these juveniles move to other territories because if they don't, we're gonna go broke trying to feed them all!!

Hummingbirds have started their fall migration and I see them almost every day. There are other birds starting to move through also. There was a little yellow bird in the tree outside the other day but before I could get to the right set of binoculars to check him out, he flitted away and I haven't seen one since. Doesn't mean they aren't out there, just I haven't seen them. If it weren't so blasted hot and humid, I'd sit in the swing on the porch of my garden house for a while to see if anything new is around.

Time to fix dinner. Yuk. That chore comes around every day and doesn't get any more attractive.

Y'all take care.

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  1. I'm sure your brother will love his quilt. I've made a sudoku puzzle lap quilt for one brother, and a California memory quilt for my other brother and his wife. It's nice to see them appreciate your efforts. Nice blog, I'll be back!