Friday, December 28, 2012

Slip, Slide, Slip, Spritz, repeat

It is my practice, as a quilter, to wash and iron my new fabric before using it.  Let me tell you, however, it can get way ahead of you if you don't pay attention!   And I wasn't paying attention.   I've got stacks and stacks of fabric that needs to be washed and ironed.  Now, some people just go ahead and use their fabric as they get it, but I like to do my best to get rid of any crooked rolls on the bolt and to get rid of any excess dyes that might be in the fabric.  I definitely don't want to have any bright/dark color running the first time its washed and ruining a quilt.  Today, for instance, I washed yards of a dark blue mottled batik.  It is gorgeous fabric but the excess dyes released in the wash turned two color catchers nearly dark blue.  Can you imagine what that would have done to a quilt?  I shudder to think.  
Sorry for the fuzzy pic!  I must have moved the camera.
Anyway, I've spent a lot of time the last few days on this chore.  It is so satisfying to see those lovely stacks of beautiful fabrics just waiting to be sewn. 

Anybody want to volunteer to come do the remaining 5 drawers (plus more) of fabric??

Y'all take care. 


  1. I have a few fabrics in my washing to do stack too. :) Guess we can be glad to have new fabrics to wash and press. Hope the other drawers go quickly.

  2. I can't say that I would volunteer for that chore, but this does remind me of my grandmother's quilting hobby. Very sweet.

  3. I don't quilt, but my grandmothers both did!

  4. we also were taught (by Mom at home and at school in Home Ec) to do this with any new fabric before any sewing project was undertaken.
    this simple ounce of prevention insured less to no shrinkage of a project..
    back then sis and I made most of our clothes.
    scraps were then used for quilts..
    thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet anniversary comment!

  5. I'll cheer you on from the sideline! lol

  6. Wise to pre launder. Some mighty pretty pieces that will be turned into beauty.

  7. I love the colors amid your stacks - reminds me of SPRING! lol I'm winter weary already...
    Can't wait to see what you create from each and every beautiful fold of fabric :-)
    (ps I'm relieved and happy to know I'm not alone in 'not paying attention' whilst
    things form a line as I'm not watching - makes me feel worlds better to have your company)

  8. I always used to wash before fabric was even allowed in the sewing room but in the last few years I've stopped bothering and not seen any problems in finished quilts.

    Now I only make for myself it doesn't really matter.