Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just a Bunch of Stuff

I am still alive and well, but that wouldn't be evident from my posting schedule. 

Shutters ready to install
We're in the middle of storm preparations and have most of our shutters up.  We'll finish later today and then head out tomorrow to stay gone until the storm passes.  They are so unpredictable and, although things are looking up for us, it won't be over 'til its over!!!

Got home from our trip to find that the front flower bed is now practically a jungle, thanks to all the rain this summer. 

The bleeding heart vine gave my neighbor fits by continually falling over.  He finally got it propped up using shovels and pitchforks!!  Now, I would've just whacked that thing back into submission, but he wouldn't do that.   It pretty much smothers the variegated shell ginger that is behind it and is gorgeous.  Danged ginger hasn't bloomed worth a hoot in all the years its been there.  I think maybe twice in at least 10 years.  

See that sago palm?  I detest that thing but it's nearly as tall as the roof now.  It grew a bunch over the summer too. 

The only flowers left in that bed are a couple of pentas, but they are hanging in there. 

While we were away, we enjoyed fresh produce from the farmers' market.  Our favorite was the tomatoes.  Just before leaving Vermont to come home, I invited our "neighbors" for dinner and made Paula Deen's tomato pie.   And fresh corn on the cob directly from the farm just up the hill.  Oh, to die for!!! 
Paula Deen's Tomato Pie
Since it rained that afternoon, we had to shift our dinner over to the campground pavilion so there'd be room for all six of us, but we made do.   Besides, how fancy can you get when its pretty standard campground etiquette for everybody to bring their own dinnerware and flatware?!?  The friends did pitch in a salad and dessert.

Shortly before leaving to come home, we took a little day trip up to the town of Newport, Vermont, where we had some wonderful muffins at The Bake Shop.  Then we took a stroll around town a bit and down to the harbor. 

It was such a gorgeous day. 

Y'all take care.  



  1. Up here, the Amish make tomato pie. I've never hat it though.

    I lived in P'cola during Hurricane Ivan. It was terrible. We lost our car and had $11,000 worth of damage to our house, but we were the fortunate ones. The lady directly across the street from us lost her whole house....anyway, you already know all the horror stories from Ivan. No sense in me blabbing.

    Stay safe. I am praying it misses the area. You are smart to leave.

  2. You stay safe! My parents are in the panhandle, so I am keeping an eye on this storm!

  3. Stay safe! I do NOT miss living on the Texas Gulf coast at all! Yes. We had a sago palm too. You couldn't do anything around it without getting poked. If I had to do anything in the area around it or trimming it, I wore long sleeves (denim preferably) and eye protection. Ours was at least that tall.

    Ahem - you do know that those big suckers are rather expensive... You could always hang a For Sale sign on it. Just trying to help...don't thank me. :D

  4. Your yard looks spectacular! Odd about the ginger. Of course, I've only grown it for a year now. I agree with the others, stay safe! Now. Off to find the recipe for Paula Deen's tomato pie!