Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilters Break Out

No sooner had we returned from the Texas birding trip, when it was time for me to pack up the car and head northward for my semi-annual quilting retreat. 

Once again, the event did not disappoint.  Our Maryland contingent arrived in fine style, having driven their work of art all the way down, even through heavy rain where pieces went flying!! 

These bits of fabric were lovingly applied to the vehicle using starch and/or wheat flour paste. 

Not to be outdone, Miss Elizabeth, the Magnolia Madam, thought we were all winners and presented every one of us with our very own personalized beauty queen sashes!!    Our retreat virgins were presented with tiaras during an induction ceremony conducted by Miss Congeniality.   And, we've all got that parade float riding, beauty queen wave down pat!!!

Oh, did I tell you that we actually did get some sewing done?  No?  Well, we all arrived on Thursday (some even Wednesday night) and proceeded to take over the retreat center.   We sewed, we ate, we sewed, we shopped, we ate, we sewed and we ate some more!!!!  And through it all, we seldom stopped talking and laughing.

I'm just learning to paper piece and Ms. Bluesnail made sure we started learning by piecing the tiniest block she could find!!! 
That block is a whole 3 1/2 inches!!! 

I also worked on my first hand applique project.  Not being inclined to start on tiny projects, I figured I'd go about as big as I could get. 
This one is about 3 feet tall!!!  

Immediately upon my arrival home, my hubby's first question was:  "So, when are you gonna do it again?"   My answer:   "November!!!"      Is it November yet????????????????

Y'all take care.


  1. First birding, then quilting. What an interesting life you have!

  2. How fun! I know you had a good time. I went to one in Texas 2 years ago, and met several of the HGTV ladies in person...really enjoyed it. Where was this one?

  3. What fun and it looks like you had a great time! That vehicle is a hoot!

  4. Love the car! I've always wanted to go on a quilting retreat. Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe one day. . .