Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cajun Birding

I simply cannot believe that another month has passed!  I know it has been a busy time, but really ------ 

We had company for nearly a week early in April.   As soon as they left, we pulled the RV out of storage and took off to Louisiana and Texas on a birding trip.  I went there in 2010 for the first time and was anxious to return.   My Birdlady friend went with us. 

We stopped in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana in order to take in the rookery at Lake Martin.  The conditions were different this year from before, but that was expected. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures there but did get a lovely Prothonotary Warbler on the boardwalk. 
These little guys were all over the place. 

Another highlight of the trip was seeing two baby Barred Owls.  They were out of the nest and could fly for 10 or 15 feet, but they were still covered with fuzz.  We would never have seen them but for their crying for Mama to come feed them.   We also got to see a nesting Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. 

The rookery this year was much further away from the road than last time, so it would have been useless for me to even try to take pictures.

On our way home on Saturday afternoon, we stopped in downtown Breaux Bridge for a bite to eat.  We wandered into Angeline's, hearing the strains of haunting Cajun music.    After ordering, we sat down to enjoy the weekly jam session.    We enjoyed our food and some pure, true music all in one place.    These folks drop in and play for tips every Saturday.

We spent only the one day there, so next morning it was on to Texas.  That'll come later. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. I bet you had a great time! Isn't it great to be able to do what you love? Love your pictures. :)

  2. Pretty bird! My brother and sister-in-law are getting into birdwatching. It's all kinda cool.

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip, look forward to hearing about the rest of it.

  4. FFG~
    Am so curious..
    where do you live in NW Florida?
    I am a native Pensacolian,
    currently living in Denver,CO..
    preparing to move back to Pensacola!
    come visit!
    hugs and smiles..

  5. I was Florida in your name so thought I would visit! Love your photos! We live in Florida most of the year...we're in NC right now. LOVE to birdwatch, too! Enjoy your week!

  6. Too bad when I lived in Louisiana and SE Texas I wasn't more interested in birds. Not that I didn't appreciate, I just didn't pay any attention. Do you keep a life list?