Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hometown Quilt Show

Last weekend I went back to my hometown to a quilt show.  It was the first show  by this guild and they did a great job, I think.  Was fully as good as any show I've been to, albeit a little smaller. 

 One of the best surprises was to find that a childhood schoolmate and friend has become a prolific quilter!!  She had several quilts in the show and I was delighted to see her again after so MANY years.
King sized Jacob's ladder quilt
Those are 1 inch squares in the Jacob's Ladder quilt made by a husband/wife team.  Oh, my, the work put into that quilt. 

I think my favorite of the show was this Courthouse Steps quilt made by Bette Haddon from men's ties. 
Over the years, I've seen a number of quilts made from ties, bit I think this once is the best I've seen.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that she does exquisite work on all her quilts. 
In addition to the numerous large quilts, there were lots of minis also.  I've never tried to make a mini quilt as I'm intimidated by all the tiny pieces.  They are beautiful to see, though. 

Suddenly, here in the middle of this post, I'm having difficulties uploading more photos.  Aggravates me something fierce when this happens.  Let's try again.   No luck.  I'll be back later to see if I can edit this to add the other pictures.   Grrrrrrr!!!!!!

Wow, I was able to come back in an add pictures.  

Y'all take care. 


  1. I love that Jacob's Ladder. Such talent and work that took to make.

  2. So neat to find a friend from years past and discover that she also quilts. Her Jacob's ladder is stunning. The quilt made from ties - it took me awhile to see the Courthouse Steps pattern. I kept trying to figure out those jagged edges for each fabric. What patience!

  3. I love going to quilt shows, and the small ones are so much fun. You have time to really see them all and fully appreciate the work that goes into them. Looks like you had a great time. :)

  4. I did a talk on Bird Feeding at a quilt show years ago. They are true works of art!

  5. Thanks for sharing--really beautiful skilled work in every one of them.

  6. What a lovely show, sometimes the smaller ones are the best. I think I'd have enjoyed wandering around with you :}

  7. What absolutely gorgeous quilts! Good thing I don't have to choose a favorite. I'd never be able to. Quilting was my first fiber love. Maybe one I'll someday get back to. :)