Saturday, November 12, 2011

Days of Autumn

I'm sorry I've been missing in action, but here's a little update of life on the home front these days.  

We've had some very cool weather already.  Last night it was 35 degrees here at our house, which surprised me.  Today when I went to the mailbox, there were several butterflies flitting around the pentas that are still blooming.   These are gulf fritillaries.

We also have a bumper crop of acorns this year.  Never have I seen so many of them.  The squirrels can't even begin to make a dent and there are far too many to just leave on the ground.  We'd be overrun with seedlings if only a small fraction of them decided to germinate. 
This  photo was taken nearly two weeks ago, and you should see that area now.  We've begun the process of raking them up but it will be a slow process.  Where are the deer when you need them?  They'd never want to leave. 

I went to a family gathering last weekend and spent the night with my brother and sister-in-law.  He had gotten a new toy and he was so pleased to show it off to me. 
He has several tractors but this is the first he's ever had with an enclosed and climate controlled cab.  Just that morning he had worked in his pasture while it was a chilly and very windy 45 degrees and he just smiled the whole time.  He does love his toy!  

The ponies were looking fat and sassy, as usual.  They ought to, considering the pampering and  care they are given. 
It was very late in the afternoon and I wasn't able to get a good shot of them.  

I'm continuing to work on several quilts and am nearly finished with all the quilting.  I still have many hours of hand work to do the bindings, but if I persevere, I will get them done in time for Christmas as planned. 

Y'all take care.  


  1. There are very few blokes who wouldn't smile widely with the keys to a shiny new John Deere in their hands! It is a very smart toy though. Lovely photos, the butterflies are very pretty.

  2. That is down right cold in your part of the country! Hope it has warmed up!

  3. I should be raking up all my acorns too! I think they would make a great treat for the goats and chickens (chickens insist on them being cracked open though.) Great photos, especially the orange butterflies on the magenta flowers, spectacular!