Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Procrastination and Cruising 'Round Town

I’m sitting here today knowing that I need to get busy making the backings for the quilts I’m working on.  I have confirmed that I have the proper yardages, but getting them made and pressed just isn’t what I want to be doing.  Unfortunately, the backing and the basting of the quilt “sandwich” are necessary evils before quilting.

I looked into John Flynn’s diagonal piecing method for the backs, but because of their size, there’s not a lot of difference in fabric requirements between the diagonal method and normal.  So, I’ll just do the normal backings and not attempt the diagonal on five quilts on the first try.   Oh, four tops are totally done and just need a border on the fifth to have them ready.  I’m still waiting on my batting order to arrive.  Once that happens, I won’t have an excuse for not moving forward. 

I’m finding all kinds of things to distract me from the job at hand.  Do you ever do that?

On Saturday, hubby and I went into town to the farmers’ market.  It’s a ways in there, so this is the first time we’ve been.  I think we're convinced that its worth making the trip. 
It was small but held in a lovely setting and there’s certainly room to expand if it can ever grow enough to need the space.  Very little produce was available because the gardens down here have quit producing by now.  There were baked goods, plants, crafts, soaps and toiletries, free range eggs and other good stuff. 
After strolling through, we sat for a while and just enjoyed the lovely day and the beautiful blue sky. 
Pensacola is a very old city and there is some lovely architecture in the downtown area, not the least of which is St. Michael's Catholic Church just across from the market area. 
During our travels throughout the country, farmers’ markets have been a favorite pastime for hubby and me.  Everything from two or three farmers on a corner to the one in Des Moines, Iowa which fills downtown every Saturday morning with 10,000 or so people and hundreds of vendors.

After the market and a couple of errands, we headed over to Five Sisters Cafe for lunch, our first time there.  Been hearing about it for a while but just haven't gotten over to it.  Had a lovely lunch and would love to return when the music is underway.
We have been having good weather lately.  Right now it is a bit above normal in temperature but the humidity levels have dropped and that makes it a lot more bearable.    Three of us went birdwatching in Blackwater yesterday for the first time in a while.  It’s an awkward time of the year for birding.  The winter migrants haven’t arrived yet and the residents are quiet and still.  However, as we all exclaimed, it was just good to be out in the woods with the fresh air and sunshine.   Besides, we enjoy each others company.

Y'all take care.  


  1. I'm so tired of horrid hot days. Bring on fall!

  2. I love downtown P'cola. It really is beautiful. My son went to a preschool down there and he took art classes down town. I kinda miss those days. Looks like a great farmer's market. Glad you had a nice time.

  3. Been a long time since I've been to Pensacola. Thanks for that tour!