Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is Fall Finally on the Way?

Yesterday and today have been absolutely glorious days!!  The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the sky is blue with few clouds.  I have the windows open and the curtains are gently moving with the breeze.  The hummingbirds are skirmishing regularly. 
Skirmishes underway.
It is hard to be inside doing things that I really need to get done.  I'm still working on the quilt tops for my siblings and finished another top today. 

The colors don't show well here, but they are much more vibrant and pleasing. 

A bit earlier, a murder of crows was carrying on something fierce in the back yard.  I dislike crows in my yard for their effect on the smaller songbirds, so I try to scare them away when possible.  I went out back and shoo them off but they were very persistent in hanging out next to a pine tree.  Finally, I got them to leave and was wondering what they were devoting so much time and attention to. 
See that big blob in the middle of that (unfocused) picture?   That's a fat raccoon, using our pine tree as his resting and napping place for the day.  Guess I'll be taking down the bird feeders tonight to assure that he doesn't find a reason to hang around.  They can do major damage to the feeders themselves.

I hope all of you are getting some better weather.  It is time.

Y'all take care. 


  1. I chase off those crows when they come to the back yard for the exact same reasons!

  2. I used to dislike crows too. They would spread my neighbor's garbage all over the place. Now we live in a place that has hawks, and with the chickens, we've had several close calls. While researching hawk deterrents, I discovered that crows hate hawks and will chase them away. Whenever I hear the crows making a ruckus, I'm on the lookout for hawks. Amazing how they sounded the alarm about that raccoon.

  3. A murder of crows??? never heard that saying but i like it (although it sounds a bit dark) and haha the blob...? I hope he/she moves on!

    Have a great week!