Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knee News

I have been rejuvenated!!  I've had pain, stiffness and soreness in my left knee for a good long while but never had any medical care for it.  Recently, after a face-first tumble across the flower bed, my right knee began exhibiting the same symptoms.  In just a couple of weeks, it had gotten so bad that I dreaded getting up from a chair or out of bed because I knew the knees were going to hurt.  Broke down and went to see my doctor and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  Yuk!!!   However, he did prescribe the necessary meds which I have been taking and within just a few days I now feel ten years younger.   I simply cannot believe how pervasive the pain had become and how much I was trying to compensate for it, with no luck of course.  I truly had forgotten how it felt to be free of pain and soreness.    And the big question is, why did I wait so long to do something about that first knee?????    Although I am assuredly middle-aged, I guess I was trying to deny the inevitable signs of aging.   So, let me be the example of bad behavior, okay?  

I'm making great progress on my aunt's quilt.  It's in four sections now and they will be stitched together tomorrow.  Then the borders will be attached and it'll be ready to go to the long arm quilter.  

No excitement around here these days, thank goodness.  In my life, excitement sometimes does not translate to good things!! 

Y'all take care. 

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  1. Don't beat yourself up, just be very happy you have got rid of pain, have good medication, and can go back to life as you want it to be.

    I guess we don't go for help because we think 'it will get better on its own'. That is why I carried a dislocated hip for over a year before going to the Doctor ... and why it is now taking FOREVER for the ligaments to strengthen and hold the joint in the right place. My fault because they have been in the wrong place for so many months.