Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Climbing on the Soapbox

Is it just me?  Why do people buy a house in the mountains with lovely trees all around and then within months, they've cut them all down?  We're not talking about diseased or damaged or broken trees.  Or trees within 10 feet of your house, or growing crooked.  We're talking about healthy, straight native trees that have been around already for 25 plus years, maybe even 50 years or more.   And I really don't want to hear "but they might fall on the house" which has also been right there with those trees for the last however many years.   Really ticks me off.   Passed a house down the way today and they were removing a gorgeous tree of some sort that has to be at least 85 feet tall and not a thing wrong with it, along with several other smaller trees.  

We also have a new neighbor just next to our lower lot who thinks the same way.  He's hinting at wanting us to agree for him to remove some large trees on our lot.  Guess what the chances are of that happening?  I've already plainly told him I'm a true tree hugger.

Errrrrrrr........just upsets me something fierce. 

Now, that being said, y'all have a good day and take care.  


  1. What is with that??! You choose land that has all those trees....only to cut them down?? Weird. I pretty much hate people.

  2. And then they wonder why their air conditioning bills skyrocket!

  3. Tree harrassment! I kind of feel that way when people move to the desert and just have to have a green lawn.

  4. Some people are very strange. Its like moving in next to school and moaning about morning traffic and kids!

    Sorry for slow reply, I've been working away from home.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Bath, UK