Saturday, November 18, 2017

Evidence of Progress??

I went to northwest Florida last weekend to attend a family gathering.  Since we don't have ready access to good seafood up here in the mountains, my hubby and I wanted to take advantage of the proximity and headed down to the coast with my brother for dinner on Friday night.   It had been a long time since I'd been the south end of the county where I grew up so I figured we'd head out early and see what was happening, even getting to see a few birds along the way.   

Well.......let me tell you.  I got the shock of my life.  I knew south Walton County had been growing in popularity for years but nothing prepared me for what I saw.  Every single foot of the gorgeous white beaches I grew up with and loved has now been  plastered with condos, houses, restaurants and shops.  Public access to the beach is almost non-existent.  I was driving so I didn't get a single picture but you can go to some websites to find out just exactly what I saw.  Rosemary Beach   Watercolor  Seaside   and others including Sterling Properties.  Some of these have been in existence for many years, but the spaces between have all filled up.  

The traffic was unbelievable, both on the 4 lane divided highway parallel to the coast and on the inner roads, and this was on a random Friday in early November!  Knowing what happens in the summer, you couldn't pay me enough money to go there then.  Makes me so sad to see places I loved become inaccessible to a whole lot of folks who actually live in that county.    Perhaps had I not grown up in that county I wouldn't look at it as a bad thing, but I did grow up there and it hurts.  

Since I got no pictures on this trip, let me see if I can find something in the archives, so to speak. 

Hubby with friends from Germany

Oh, well.  I'll just stick to my little town in the mountains and proudly proclaim I've become a curmudgeon.   Oh, and there wasn't a bird in sight.  

Y'all take care


  1. Aw, gees. That is soooo sad to see the nature spoiled by commerce. I am like you...I would rather have my mountains and escape all that madness. How disappointing.

  2. What!!! No birds!?!?!?! Are you kidding.??? Living in the mountains is heavenly...:)JP

  3. Always a shock when things change like that - when I took my family from Australia to the place I was born in the Uk, most of it had changed.

    We dont have Black Bellied WD's in Australia - although from seeing pictures I know that they look good.

    Cheers (and hope you had a good Christmas) - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. "Progress." What a misnomer! I call it destruction! But, people usually do see me as weird.

  5. You must have been shocked to see the changes. And you are right- we've lived in FL for nearly 20 years, and the changes happen right before our eyes. Traffic- lots of it. We are in horse country, on a horse farm, so very much appreciate the rural nature of the area.