Saturday, October 17, 2015

One Down, Two to Go

One visitor week down, two more to go.  My dear brother left early this morning after spending the week with us.  He jumped right in (as he is wont to do) and helped Hubby and me get a bunch of chores done.  

His truck was very handy in taking a load of debris down to the transfer station.  For us to take it would have required numerous loads and the dismantling of a large cabinet/bar.  

I actually had a list of things I wanted him to help me with and he obliged.  Got my swing put up at last.  Poor thing has been hauled all over the country.  
Hanging under the deck and outside my sewing studio. 
My Uncle Leonard made porch furniture for many years and this is one of his.  He made it in Alabama, shipped it to me in Las Vegas where it sat in the garage for years.  Then I hauled it to Florida where it got put on the porch of the garden house.  Now, it has moved to Georgia.

Brother and Hubby replaced some rotted boards in the walkway.  
New boards with one coat of stain
Then they tackled the edging for the flower bed on the slope.  It wasn't on the list, but.....

We're expecting our first temps around freezing tonight so I've been busy bringing some of my geraniums inside.  I don't know how they're going to do but we'll see.  There's one plant that will do fine and its special.  Was given to me many years ago by an older dear friend who was moving to Maryland as her health failed.  She has since passed away.  This plant is special to me and is gorgeous, to boot. 
Same plant but taken last year in Florida
It'll live inside now until all danger of frost is gone next spring.  

My salvia is still gorgeous.  The hummingbirds seem to have all gone south.  Haven't seen one since last Monday. 

This salvia is just outside my window and I love to sit here at my desk and watch the hummers enjoy it. 

I'll do my best to be back soon. 

Y'all take care.  


  1. Nice to have handy guys around to get all those projects done. Such a busy time of year, isn't it? So much to do before winter.

  2. Oooooo, I love the swing!!!! And the walkway is beautiful! I could use a guy like your brother around! We've had such warm weather, actually 10 to 15 degrees warmer than usual. No leaves turning yet, kinda disappointing, but I guess it will happen sooner than later. So plants are still blooming but I can tell some of them are really tired and just want to go to sleep for the winter.

  3. Wow, you've been busy! So nice to have company that is willing to jump right in and help like, well, like family. :)

  4. Many hands make light work etc! Nice post. Enjoy the hummers (in a while!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. So nice of your brother to pitch in and help. You must feel pretty accomplished to get so much done. Get that plant inside! My cousin gave me a start of a spider plant a few weeks ago that was in my Grandpa's room when he was alive, over twenty years ago. So special!

    Cindy Bee

  6. WOW the yardwork is spectacular - love the walkway!

    and I havent a clue what to do with geraniums - id like to bring them in, but then I think they rather die outside then be tortured all winter long...xoxo

  7. Always good to have help with tasks like that - the seat looks like a good place for a cold one on a hot day!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. FFG--Val (of Unbagging the Cats blog) has a second blog as well. (She posts on each of them on a daily basis.)

  9. Me again - Lord Howe is formed in a similar fashion to Hawaii, and only the blue fish ended up on the table!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne