Friday, March 6, 2015

Sun and Surf

I'm back!! 

We were fortunate to spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii and missed the whole winter storm affliction for our area!  We've had a very mild winter, actually, and it was merely a fluke that we were gone when the only bad weather of the winter came to town. 

Instead, we spend a lot of time in the sunshine.  It sure felt funny to put on sandals and capris instead of jeans and sweatshirts.   But, after a day or two it felt just right. 
Hubby in the surf
The first week, we were on the big island of Hawaii and stayed in a condo.  It was nice enough but it did not have air conditioning.  Since it faced due west and the daily temperatures were in the high 80's, it got hot in there every afternoon.  Thankfully, it did cool off at night and we slept with the windows and sliders open every night.  Loved that. 

We had wonderful birds come right to the edge of our patio and I added a couple to my life list. 
Saffron Finch
These guys are truly this bright and there were lots of them around.  I also saw Java Sparrows but could not get a picture of them.    In addition to these two, I saw Pacific Golden Plovers on several occasions. 
Pacific Golden Plover
I also saw Gray Francolins but, again, no pictures.  That made four life birds for me on this trip.

I'll be back with more.   Y'all take care. 


  1. Hawaii sounds so nice! How great that you missed the storms!

  2. Aw, gees....are you kidding me?! YOU were in Hawaii while the rest of us were suffering through winter???! Criminy.

    Well...I hope you had a nice time and all that good stuff.

    We rented a condo when we went to Maui recently. It was the same thing--lousy window units for air conditioners and we were on the top floor---it got HOT in there. That was the only downfall of staying in a condo versus a resort---no air.

  3. Great shots and better timing! I really want to visit Hawaii!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne