Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Although I haven't shared much lately, I've been sewing a bit.  I pulled an unfinished project off the shelf and, after some procrastination, finally got my head wrapped around the method again and finished a quilt top.  I took a workshop with the designer of this pattern back in 2009 and its been sitting patiently since then. 
Bella Luna by Lisa Moore
Back in the summer I picked up a jelly roll from a local quilt shop to have something to work on while still in the RV and during our house hunt.  Never did start on it until we actually got into the house, but its now finished and I really like it. 
Floral Bouquet
It's always a joy when a project meets your expectations upon completion. 

Both of these are just tops at the moment but will be turned into real quilts.

I also completed my first wool applique project which is a small candle/table mat.  I learned a bunch on this project and it'll stand me in good stead on future projects.  

Hubby and I took a ride yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day and would have been a shame to stay home.  We explored some areas we had not been to before and stopped in Clayton, GA for lunch.  We happened upon a local and asked for suggestions as to where to have lunch.  After a minute's thought, she pointed across the street to the Universal Joint, a restaurant located in an old filling station/garage.  A great  place and the history of it was very apparent.  It is a very popular place too, as both the inside and the large outside patio were filled by the time we left.  We'd never been over there before and it is a really neat little town.  I can see that it would be a fun day trip with the girls.  There's a lake nearby called Rabun Lake but I've not been there yet, either.

We then headed on up to Franklin, NC and then back home via a different route along US 64.  Even with the trees being bare, it was a beautiful drive.  Can't wait to do it again once the foliage is back. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. Some beautiful work here. My favorite is the table mat.

  2. Your quilts were whispering to me--I've got a big one in the closet that I need to finish quilting. I need to finish it one of these days. Wanna come over and have a bee??? ;)

  3. Love the 'Floral Bouquet' - looks so fresh and spring like and full of energy.

  4. Finding new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do in the city - sounds like you found a "keeper" :)