Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Culling the Extraneous

I'm trying to work myself around to holding a garage sale.  Our closets are filled with extraneous things we don't need and haven't touched in years.   I've made a start on gathering things up but there's a long road ahead.    I mean, after a while things just need to go!

Ladies, what do you do with a purse that you've grown tired of?  It's still in great shape, so mine wind up on the shelf to gather dust.  

And then there's pottery.  This one is a hand made, raku fired little vase.  

And a honking beer mug from Germany.  Must hold 2 quarts.   I wonder if I'll be successful in persuading hubby to part with part or all of the beer stein collection that has been boxed up for the past fifteen years.  

There's the odd frog gardener with his rake.   He's about 18 inches tall.

I've had this stained glass window for many years with all the best intentions of hanging it somewhere.  Hasn't seen the light of day. 

These are only the beginning of a cake stand collection that hasn't seen the light of day.  I'll be sorting through those, though.  Not all of them will be put on the block. 

When somebody in the family has lived all over and accumulated things along the way, its very easy to become overloaded. 

So, back to the mines to see what else needs to join these guys for a journey. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. Love that stained glass window! Hope your yard sale is a big success.

  2. The vase is gorgeous..I hope you have a successful garage sale! I hate when things get cluttered..My rule if it sits for a year, out it goes..LOL

  3. I hope you have good yard sale. I hate putting on one of those. We have tons of stuff we could get rid of too! My husband balks at the idea.

  4. I keep a collection of give-aways/donates in the attic at all times. I grab a thing here and there, and before you know it, we've got the trunk filled for the Goodwill store. It's good to just get rid of it.

  5. I keep trying to motivate myself to think garage sale too. Not to much motivation about doing that going on here.

  6. I don't want to mess with a garage sale anymore, so I keep sacks handy to add items and cart them off to the local thrift shop when its full. I think you'll find that you really enjoy "letting go". Sometimes that first step is the hardest.

  7. I'm always amazed at the things I see at garage sales which become someone else's treasure!

  8. I just had a garage sale last week and what didn't sale is not coming back in!
    It's so good to clear out the unused stuff. Keep at it, you'll feel better when it's

  9. Even though we had the biggest of clear-outs when we moved from one end of the country to another, that "stuff" still seems to keep accumulating. A couple of weeks ago I took so much to the charity shop I completely filled my car.

    I'm working on the William Morris quote: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." We are fortunate to have to much "stuff" but mostly don't need half of it.

  10. Hey there, thanks for commenting on my blog. So funny that we posted about the same type of thing....I would totally buy one of those cake stands if I came to your sale. And I don't need another one! I have a collection as well. Just do it..have the sale, it'll be fun! Then donate the rest.

    Cindy Bee