Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Do you like the sound of a slow, steady rain on a roof overhead?   I love it.  Good thing, because there's been plenty of that steady rain for a very long time and no end in sight.  The creek below is running high and I suspect it will be that way for at least the next week.  So much for sitting in the creek,  whiling away the time.

Meanwhile, the trees are so lush and green and I'm sitting up here in the middle of them in a rocking chair on a covered porch. I'm not complaining. 

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Independence Day, remembering what it all means.  Our freedoms are not to be taken lightly and we must be diligent to protect them. 

Y'all take care. 


  1. I guess the whole east coast is getting a lot of rain. Hope you had a nice holiday.


  2. Oh my yes, (love the sound of rain on the roof)! And it's a good thing as it's now documented to have been the most rain in the month of June in these parts in many years. Good for the plants, good for the nights (and some days) of listening to the rain while in bed...

    But it's been a challenge to keep up with the mowing! I swear the grass grows up behind the mower as it passes, lol. Hit and miss to get line-laundry (the only way I do it) dry, gathered in before each cycle of rain. Few days to pain (and you KNOW I spend half my life painting the 'old girl' (aka the farmhouse). So love it tho I do, it's time for some dry, some sun :-)

    I see the fire flies are a-winking so I'll sign off so I can go have a look from the porch!

    Hugs, Issy

  3. Well, we had rain. And rain. And more rain, LOL

  4. Oh I love that sound but I must say I a getting a little tired of hearing it we have lots of hay to cut and bale:) B

  5. Glad you got rain .... beautiful to sleep with sound of rain and storms of my favourite things x