Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WARNING! There are thieves among us!

No pretty pictures today, just a warning everyone should heed. 

An attempt has been made to compromise my husband's social security account using his social security number.  Thankfully, it appears that we've been able to correct the changes they had made and have put measures in place to prevent any further attempts.   Thus far, thank God, no monetary damage done.  The matter is under investigation by federal authorities.  

Please be very careful with your personal information.  Make sure that your bank accounts are protected, check your credit reports to make sure no one has tinkered around.  Be diligent about this.   Be very careful what personal information is shared on social media networks.

One piece of advice we received is that parents should request a credit report on the child just before they turn eighteen.  It seems that thieves somehow stockpile stolen social security numbers of underage children and as soon as they reach eighteen, they are ripe for exploitation.  

Y'all please take care. 


  1. Oh, rats. Sorry to hear that this happened to you and I hope it is all sorted out soon. What a nightmare!

  2. What really annoys me, is that everybody thinks they have a right to our SSNs. The medical establishments are worst. Having worked in a doc's office before, I know they fax medical records all over the place. That's the easiest way for folks to pick up "free" SSNs!. But now that the Irs is going to have access to our medical records, there's no changing that.