Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wonderful Waxwings

I had a wonderful treat the other morning on the way to water aerobics.  There are mature holly trees lining a walkway to the recreation center and there are other trees in the lawn that are now budding.  I heard the high pitched squeaks and chirps immediately.  I looked up and there in the trees was a flock of probably 75 Cedar Waxwings.  A friend and I stood there admiring them for a while before going on to the pool. 

When I was leaving, I heard an even greater chirping uproar and discovered that the flock had grown exponentially and there were HUNDREDS of waxwings in those trees.  I watched, just mesmerized, wishing I had my camera.  Then I thought, what the heck, I'll go home and get it and maybe they'll still be here when I return.  Home to change clothes and grab the camera and run back. I lively only a couple of miles from the rec center, so it doesn't take long. 
Cedar Waxwings 
There was no way to begin to capture all the birds in the trees and flying around. 

I've never seen a flock like this and will be lucky to ever see it again. Waxwings winter here in the south in small flocks but migrate northward for nesting and disperse throughout the countryside. 

Hubby and I noted our seventeenth wedding anniversary this week. No great celebration but amazement as to where the time has gone. It's also time to figure out where our summer travels will take us.  Such a dilemma!  

Y'all take care. 


  1. I just saw a cedar waxwing at my pond the other day! They are so lovely to see. :) I love their coloring. We don't get them here often, so I was surprised to see just one hanging out with the other birds in the yard.

  2. Lucky girl, haven't seen any since we moved to the north west, but they are such attractive birds.

    We once had a flock of about 40 in our garden down south and I know they come to this area so perhaps one day I will be lucky (but only if we have enough berries last through the winter and the blackbirds don't eat them all first)

  3. PS: many congrats on your anniversary, look forward to hearing where you will travel this year.

  4. Oh, how lucky to be able to witness so many Waxwings. Just love them. Wish we'd see more of them here. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary sweet friend!

    I heard a bunch of cawing and goings on in the yard yesterday while I was working on some crazy quilting. I went to investigate and there were about 30 buzzards in our backyard after some turkey scraps Butch had thrown out! I had never seen that many at one time before... I went and got my gun and shot up in the air so they would leave. They did and didn't come back thank goodness.

    I dont know that I have ever seen a Waxwing.

  6. Wow these are my favourite birds to come across while hiking. These are incredible shots. B

  7. Great photos! It always amazes me to see flocks of hundreds of birds flying togther.
    Mary Alice

  8. Here I am, seeking a bit of cheer from your pictures as I am (again, lol) up to my ears in SNOW....

    And you have again gifted me with a smile and renewed hope for Spring thru your wonderful pics! Love the center image - it looks for all the world as if each waxwing has taken a place in the position of each leaf - so it appears (to me anyway) to be a living, chattering waxwing tree :-)

    SO glad you made the trip home and back to capture these pictures for all of us!

    Hugs, Issy PS. Happy anniversary to you both :-)

  9. Wow, that's a lot of birds! I hope you didn't stand right under it, it could get a bit sticky:)) Happy 17th!

  10. I haven't been here for a very long time... and look what I get to see! I've never seen that many birds together. You were lucky to get them waiting on you and your camera! :) ...and...Happy Anniversary!

  11. I've never seen one waxwing, let alone 75! What an awesome sight.

  12. Love the Waxwings so much. I had them regular in summer at my home in NY but here only every now and then. However this summer me and my honey will be having our 17th as well!! Congrats to you both!