Monday, September 17, 2012

Yard Wanderings

I wandered around outside yesterday to see what was happening in my poor yard.  There's not much going on, other than unwanted grasses and weeds growing everywhere!!!   We have been inundated with chamber bitter since Hurricane Ivan blew through here in 2004.  There's some kind of grass that has shown up in the last two or three years and it has spread extensively this year.

The fun thing I did see, though, is a bloom on a cutting that I'd put in a jar to root.  I've had success with rooting like this before, but never a bloom.  The bud must have been set before I cut the sprout off the tree. 

The colors and texture of foliage can be every bit as beautiful to me as flowers. 
Variegated lacecap hydrangea

Shell ginger 

I'm off to a quilting retreat tomorrow.  It should be a fun time, what with over 60 quilters getting together to do what we do best.  Notice I'm not saying exactly what that might be!!

Y'all take care.  


  1. Beautiful colors! We are heading into fall here in KY. Enjoy your retreat!

  2. A retreat of 60 quilters sounds like a lot of fun! Your comment about the grass made me wonder why the grasses can be the most invasive and pervasive. Okay if one wants the for lawn, but a scourge if one doesn't!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful compared to my poor flowerbed! Fall is here.

  4. Oh! Hope you have a wonderful retreat! Tell us all about it?

  5. I, too, enjoy green foliage. There are so many different varieties. Hope the quilting trip was fantastic. - Karen

  6. Pretty. Hope you had a fun time with your quilting group. 60 quilters is quite a bunch. I am sure you all make amazing things.


  7. you have a rather lush looking yard compared to texas. :)